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You are not supposed to take Birth Control pills when you are pregnant.

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Q: How many birth control pills are to be taken in 1st week of pregnancy?
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Do cephalosporins affect the birth control pill?

Birth control pills may not work properly when taken at the same time as cephalosporins. To prevent pregnancy, other methods of birth control should be used in addition to the pills while taking cephalosporins.

My boyfriend came inside of me today unprotected and I haven't taken my birth control in almost a month - Could i be pregnant?

Yes there is a high chance that you can be pregnant. When missing pills while on birth control can cause pregnancy, a month without birth controls will not protect you from pregnancy at all. A pregnancy test should be taken.

Can you get pregnant the second day after your period while on birth control?

Not if you have taken all your pills. You are 99.5% protected from pregnancy when you take BCP.

What happens when you take three birth control pills at once?

Nothing. There is no need to take 3 at once because you won't be protected any more than if you took one. Birth control pills are hormones that when taken for a month will help protect you from pregnancy . They have to be taken everyday to work.

What are birth control pills for?

to prevent pregnancy if taken correctly, also it can be used to ease the pain of cramps...makes the period lighter too :)

Do barbiturates affect birth control?

Birth control pills may not work properly when taken while barbiturates are being taken

What do birth control do?

If taken properly, it prevents pregnancy.

Do you get a period after being on birth control for only one month?

You should still get a period while taking birth control pills. Your period usually occurs during the placebo week of pills. If the birth control was not taken properly, then there may be a chance of pregnancy, which delays your period. If you have not gotten your period during the placebo week, your should take a pregnancy test.

Does taking birth control delay your period?

No. Birth control only protects you from pregnancy if they are taken everyday at the same time, and they will regulate your period by making it come on the same day each month. The only way to delay your period while on birth control pills is by starting a new pack of pills on the day that you would start your placebo pills.

Can you take Vicodin with birth control?

Vicodin and birth control pills should not be taken together. Medication like Vicodin can limit the effectiveness of birth control pills causing them not to work as well.

Can four birth control pills make you have a miscarriage?

Once a pregnancy is established, no. The pills can only prevent pregnancy ( though they are not 100% effective) if given the time to saturate your bloodstream and taken daily to prevent pregnancy. Taking the pills, if you haven't been taking them to prevent pregnancy, will not cause a miscarriage. I suggest going to a doctor.

Can you take synthroid and birth control pills?

Yes. Synthroid is taken when you have hypothyroidism - to replace the natural thyroid hormone you are lacking. Hypothyroidism can cause infertility, once you start taking Synthroid your fertility returns and birth control pills will help prevent unwanted pregnancy.

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