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As a former co-owner of a flower shop, I can tell you that there is no definitive answer to this question. Because a customer can call and request a customized arrangement for a specified price - whether it be sixty-five dollars or six hundred dollars (and YES, prices can get outrageous!) - there is no 'set number'. And 1-800-Flowers (like most floral wire companies) use florists from all around the country to fulfill orders. The flowers used in a sixty-five dollar arrangement at one flower shop might differ considerably from that of another. It all depends on the market being served. Seasonal changes also cause fluctuations in arrangement types. So the answer to your question would be that 1-800-Flowers offers an endless variety of sixty-five dollar floral arrangements.

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Q: How many birthday floral arrangements are available through 1-800-Flowers for more than 65 dollars?
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