A florist is a professional in the art of floral design. Florists work in floral shops and can arrange flowers for any occasion such as weddings, funerals, and anniversaries.

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What services do FTD florists offer?

FTD florists offer all types of flower arrangements and some plants as well. Since they work through local florists all over the country, you can have the flowers delivered quickly, often overnight, for any special occasion. They will provide a gift card with your name and personal message to the recipient.

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What do you do if you accept a job offer verbally then get a better offer the same day?

Since you accepted verbally the best option would be to contact them right away to inform them of the second offer. The best case scenario would be if they matched the better offer to keep you. If not, you can take the second offer. You can't lose in this situation. You have already convinced the companies they need you, their job is to convince you to work there.


Would you recommend Proflowers?

According to the answers below, 97% of people would notrecommend Proflowers.


I would not use ProFlowers because they partner with"Freeshipping"

and "EZSaver". It is not clear that these are really add on costs and then you are billed YEARLY for their services. It has taken me many calls to both of these companies to get them to cancel the billing on my credit card! Then letters to my credit card company. A ton of time, energy, and work on my part.

Most folks may not notice the $8.97 or $14.95 at first on their bills. I did not catch it for a few months myself.

I will use another method to order flowers from now on. ProFlowers should be more careful about their partners. Even though I had called them a few times I was told that there were not any notes on my records. I always mark date, time, and name of who I am speaking to when doing this calls as a responsible consumer.

The thing with ProFlowers is that it depends on some arrangements who the local florist is that is delivering. Years ago I had good luck. These past 3 years it has been terrible and this "partner" issue just put me over the edge.

No more.


I have always had good luck with Proflowers They have a great selection and the flowers that you receive are always fresh, and they last. They are very nicely priced.


No. Had 2 Mothers Day orders get messed up. The first order wasn't even what I had picked out for my Mother. The 2nd order 1 dozen mixed roses had 2 dead---crispy--roses and 3 others losing petal only after 6 days! I was so embarrassed That's what $100.00 will get you a Proflowers!


I would recommend Proflowers, Yes to every one I talk to about sending flowers! I use to use 1800 flowers and FTD but had problems weather it was dead flowers or bad service. I saw Proflowers on Ebates. I saw I could save money so I ordered flowers for my mom. She loved them and they lasted so long!

I ordered from 1800 bflowers next time and they were dead. They replaced them 3 times. I have NEVER had that with proflowers. My mom died last Nov. but she loved ever flower I sent from Proflowers! I ordered a gift for my father in law for fathers day. It was out of stock so Proflowers made a sub. I was not happy so I wrote them. They wanted to refund my money and send more free gifts. I sent them back and said I was not looking for free but what I ordered. I LOVE my father in law very much. He couldn't stop talking about what I sent him!! It was so much better than what I had sent and cost a lot more. I felt so bad complaining. I have sent gifts and flowers from Proflowers since. I will NEVER use any other flower service! EVER! You will NEVER be sorry to use Proflowers.


Just don't try same day delivery, I had an experience where I ordered roses for my daughter in law for my son on their anniversary, they arrived a day late and the balloon was only paritally inflated. The customer service dept. isn't very helpful and they don't except responsibility for their errors.

I will not order from them again as this happened to me on two different occasions.


No. My Christmas order is now two days late, and my emails are not answered by ProFlowers It was important that the order arrive on the date I chose.


NO. My stepfather passed away in November and since I am 500 miles from her it was VERY important for her to receive the CHRISTMAS ROSES from me. She not only did not get anything from us. My wife and I was the only family member that she didn't get to see so getting the flowers were very important. My recommendation is if it is important use another service.

Heck I even called the order in so there was no chance of it getting screwed up. I just called them. They were set to be delivered 12/30 (they're x-mas roses). They were willing to cancel the order and send her a free roses however I said yes cancel the order and don't send the CHRISTMAS FLOWERS


No. You will always do best by using a Local florist. And you can call a local florist in another city. A local florist to your area - i.e. your florist can send orders to other cities.

Proflowers flowers are no more fresher than most flowers available to a reputatble florist.

And stay away from Order Gatherers who are not real florists at all. They tempt you with Free Delivery and other crap but it is just that. If you use an Order Gatherer such as 1800 flowers, flowers across America just flowers and thousands of others they simply send the order through a wire service such as FTD or Teleflora and then a "local" florist at the other end fills the order.


No! don't use 'em! Send plants instead - they last longer and look better and clean the air. Try walmart to save money, or a specialist like GivingPlants.

No no no no no no! Proflowers completley ripped me off. There is a HUGE scam when it comes to this site. Somehow there has been numerous accounts of peoples credit card numbers being stolen from this site for another site called "easy saver". Out of nowhere, I started getting charged $15 a month...i had NO IDEA was Easy Saver was. If you research what Easy Saver is, you will find its a scam and its THROUGH proflowers. I filed a claim against them and got my money back. You can't trust Proflowers and like the majority of people on here said, the flowers are late 99% of the time. So yea, DONT USE PROFLOWERS.


I would not recommend Pro Flowers. I ordered flowers for my wife for this last valentines Day and they did not arrive until the following day AFTER Valentines Day. They were not helpful when I called to determine what happened and could not tell me where the flowers went. It turns out they screwed up entering data for UPS on TONS of orders and they all went to the wrong places. I called UPS to determine what happened and the guy told me he had hundreds of calls that day with the same problem. I DO NOT recommend Pro Flowers and will never give them my business again.


I would not recommend Pro Flowers. They may have eliminated the middle man but they also have eliminated customer satisfaction. I have used them 2 x's and both times have messed up my order. 1800 Flowers is a far better company. Please feel free to use any company you choose and I am sure you will but my bottom line is I will never again use them.


This is not the first time I have had a bad experience with Proflowers. Every time I have used them, they fail to have the item I have ordered and they send a "subsitute" item. I personally believe that a substitute item should be at least the same shape and color combination as the originally order.

f you order a glass vase they should not send a wicker basket. When I sent a terrarium type arrangement of small green plants in a glass container with pebbles on the bottom of it, I assumed that is what would be delivered. Silly me. Somehow they assumed that the correct subsitute for this item was a mum in a wicker basket.

I sent a potted azalea in a pretty matching container with a "keepsake glass keepsake hummingbird feeder" attached. Somehow Proflowers assumed it would be okay to sustitute a small rose tree in a wicker basket. In addition, they sent yellow balloons instead of purple. Maybe I'm crazy, but it seems to me that a rose tree in a wicker basket is not an acceptable substitution for a pink azalea with a matching decorative container and a keepsake glass keepsake hummingbird feeder. I also don't think that purple balloons can be subsituted for yellow. Obviously I was attempting to match the balloons to the flower.

When I called them this morning to complain, they assured me that they would send the correct item out to the recipient by end of today. Well; that didn't happen and when I called them they said they would try to deliver tomorrow but would need to collect the original item in exchange. Obviously I would not want to inconvenience the person I sent to by asking them to work out an exchange. That is absurd. I am letting my credit card company get me a refund since obviously Proflowers doesn't want to handle the situation appropriately.


I would not recommend Pro Flowers. I ordered flowers for my wife for this last valentines Day and they did not arrive until the following day AFTER Valentines Day. They were not helpful when I called to determine what happened and could not tell me where the flowers went. It turns out they screwed up entering data for UPS on TONS of orders and they all went to the wrong places. I called UPS to determine what happened and the guy told me he had hundreds of calls that day with the same problem. I DO NOT recommend Pro Flowers and will never give them my business again.


What exactly does florist same day delivery mean?

Florist same day delivery means that any particular style and kind of flower can be made, wrapped and delivered to you within the day. Yet it normally has a term that you need to make the order before a certain time of the day such as before 3pm. Otherwise the order will be delivered on the following day.


A florist has 6 banksias 5 wattles and 4 waratahs all the flowers of each kind are different. In how many ways can she make a bunch of 10 flowers if she has to use at least 3 of each kind. 1200?

Must split 4-3-3.

Banksia: 3 from 6 = 20, 4 from 6 = 15

Wattles: 3 from 5 = 10, 4 from 5 = 5

Waratahs: 3 from 4 = 4, 4 from 4 = 1

Possible combinations: 4 x B, 3 x each W: 15 x 10 x 4 = 600

4 x Wat, 3 each B & War: 5 x 20 x 4 = 400

4 x War, 3 each B & Wat: 1 x 20 x 10 = 200

Your 1200 is correct.


What do you buy a florist for Valentine's Day?

chocolates, or take them out for a meal or movie.....or jewellery, jewellery always works.

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Would you recommend Bloomology?

Here is input: * I tried it and it worked. i am content.


Would you recommend Just Flowers?

Just Flowers is just a call center in Los Angeles that primarily forwards your orders to local florist for fulfillment after charging you and additional $6.99 (or more) above the delivery and product fees. For the best value, find a florist with a local address in the area to which you want your flowers delivered. I would avoid Just Flowers at all costs. In my experience they did not care about the quality of the product or the customer.

They are an "order gatherer" like most online florists. For longer lasting quality, send plants instead - get them from a local florist, or a specialist like

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Would you recommend KaBloom?

I would not recommend KaBloom. The flowers we ordered came in a box and only lasted about 3 days. They were in pretty bad shape. I can get the same flowers from the florist in town for less and the flowers last almost 2 weeks. I think they have a great concept, but the flowers just don't hold up in FedEx shipping conditions.

If you have problems with flowers lasting, I'd recommend giving plants instead. You can find them on most floral websites, or consider a plant specialist like


Would you recommend 1-800-Florals?

I have used the free florals and cards part of the site, and have recommended it to several people, especially those of us who don't have charge cards or checking accounts. It has allowed me to send things to people who are special to me and when I want to let them know how I care.

1-800-Florals is owned and operated by Phillip's Flowers with several store in the Greater Chicago area. They do a really great job for their local customers.

For orders outside their delivery area, finding the local florist that actually fulfills the order will give you the best flowers for the dollars spent.


Would you recommend Flower Farm?

No , But I Would Recommend They Have A Great Selection And Great Prices

Previous was done without knowing - they specialize in international flower delivery while FTD its for US flower delivery, while ftd offers deliveries in some countries their prices are outrageous. One company that I would recommend to send flowers worldwide its


Would you recommend Floweria?

I WOULD NOT recommend Floweria! I recently ordered roses from them. Not only were they the wrong roses, but they had brown spots on them. The roses, which normally last for about a week, died after 2 days. I emailed Customer Service about my order and have received NO reply. NO! I would NOT recommend Floweria to anyone. I saw on their website a Mother's Day special of 2 dozen roses and a free gift for $39.99. I ordered 2(one for my mom & mother-in-law). I didn't go thru the internet but called them and told the salesperson what I wanted. When I received my statement, I was charged $89.99 3 times. After leaving messages and emails, I finally got thru to someone who told me that the "special" was for 2 weeks before Mother's Day even though it was still on their site AND I was charged $24.00 shipping for Sat. delivery. I can understand the shipping, but to be charged $60 when I specifically asked for the "special" is unacceptable. NO!!! BUYER BEWARE!!! For Valentine's Day, 2004 (year before this posting) I ordered a dozen roses for my then-girlfriend for around $70 (a major ripoff, but it was V-Day season). I **NEVER** received the flowers, and was still charged. It was nearly impossible to reach customer service, who refused to refund my money. They claimed that the flowers were delivered and signed for. However, to be fair, I will mention that FedEx also confirmed that they were delivered and signed for. One way or another, I never heard a knock on the door (I was home all day), and the flowers weren't there. I finally had to dispute the charges with my credit card company. Fortunately, Visa refunded my money. BE CAREFUL!! No, I would not recommend using floweria. I had ordered roses to be sent to my girlfriend at the time, three months in advance of the day that I needed them. The day just so happened to be the day that I planned on proposing to her to marry me. My credit card was charged about a week after I placed the order and I figured that everything would be taken care of. I had used floweria before with no problems and with relative ease. I needed to use someone I trusted seeing how we were on vacation on Marco Island in Florida. The day came and no flowers had shown up by the time they were supposed to. I called their customer service line at about 9:30am and they told me that they had no such order on record and that I must have made a mistake and ordered from someone else. I was able to pull up my order online and verify the price and give them my order number, which they could not verify nor find that I was charged. My bank account told another story. After arguing with customer service for about 45 minutes they told me that they would call me back within 30 minutes. Still no call after 2 hours. At this time I was panicing because not only had my luggage not arrived to me from my flight that I flew in on 4 days prior, I was running out of time dealing with flowers that I had spent nearly $70.00 on for this speacial occasion. Not knowing the area and where to get flowers, I was less than ready for possibly the most nervous day of my life to that point. After several calls, they finally came to a solution. They would have to order flowers from a local florist. One catch, however, the $70.00 that I had paid them was not enough money to get flowers delivered from a local florist. They wanted me to pay another $50.00 for the difference in price for roses and delivery from the local shop. I was shocked that they wanted me to pay for a mistake that was all their fault. I reminded them that I had ordered these flowers three months in advance to avoid a problem like this. I got nowhere with anyone that I spoke to on the phone. I was finally was able to convince them that this was their fault and not mine. However, I still ended up paying another $25.00 for the roses that finally showed up from the local florist at nearly 5:00pm. The flowers I got definitely were a much better quality than the roses that I had gotten from floweria my previous 4 orders. I have not used floweria again since this incident occured and never received an apology from them. It has been 3 years since and I just reminded myself why I am not going to order flowers from them this year when we go to Marco Island.


Would you recommend Flower Rewards?

It was a very nice flower arrangement and was better than expected.

I wouldn't recommend this florist. I've ordered from them only once---for my father-in -laws funeral--and I was very dissapointed. The arrangement was nothing like the picture. I realize they said the flowers may be substituted for something more seasonal, but there were hardly any flowers in the arrangement at all, just lots of green and they looked dry. My daughter and I shared the expense --80.00. Although I've e -mailed them, I've gotten no response, so I'm going to try to call.


Would you recommend Flowers Across America?

absolutely not. this outfit is wholly inadeguate to the task of their enterprise. my order was not delivered on time -- or ever, for that matter. failed to respond for two days to an online query as to what had happened. grumbling, one-line acknowledgment, eventually, after a subsequent phone call, in the form of a charge credit. no apology, no regrets. genuinely bad experience.

I ordered from them, Flowers came on time and were beautiful! Would recommend.


Would you recommend is just a call center in Orange County California that primarily forwards your orders to local florists for fulfillment, charging you $8.99 (which they don't tell you 'til you're half way through check out) for the 'service.'

Save money and deal direct with a local florist in the area to which your special gift will be delivered. is now owned and operated by which charges a $10.95 fee to simply forward your order to a local florist for fulfillment.

Save the $10.95 and order from a florist located near the recipient.


Would you recommend Exotic Gardens?

Exotic Gardens is the Internet name of Buning the Florist of Fort Lauderdale, FL. If you need flowers in Fort Lauderdale, call them. Otherwise, find a local florist in the area to which your order needs to be delivered.

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What do you call a florist in french?

un(e) fleuriste (can be used as a masculine or a feminine word)


Is there an Internet florist that offers same-day delivery?

== == Yes, many major online florists offer same-day delivery. However, in most cases you need to get your order in before 1pm. Also, same-day delivery is generally not available on Saturday, Sunday, or even Monday, as well as on major flower-buying holidays such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Easter. == == * Nearly all florists that provide arranged (not boxed) flowers on the web offer same-day delivery. The real trick is to sort through all the hype of 'we service the world' and find the actual local florist that fulfills the order. Here's a big secret...the 'shipping' fees of $7.95 to $14.95 are actually convenience fees for forwarding your order to that local florist. The local florist then subtract their local delivery charge ($5-10 depending on the area) from the price shown for the arrangement and then uses the rest of the dollars to fill the order. Any site claiming 'free delivery' that does not fill the order itself, is violating US Federal Trade laws. Keep looking until you find a florist in the local community and save yourself the money and hassle of dealing with the middleman. === ===


Is it better to use an Internet florist or find a local florist?


Going directly to a local florist has advantages and disadvantages. You may get more personalized service from a local florist, and, in some cases, you may pay a few dollars less for a comparable flower arrangement. On the other hand, using an Internet florist with a national or international network gives you more reliable customer service and it is often easier and faster to place an order.


As a former florist myself, I can tell you that you will ALWAYS get better service and a better value dealing directly with a REAL florist. "National Flower Marketers" charge you a fee to process each order. Most Internet companies pass your order to a florist to fill it. You may not even realize it, but the actual florist filling your order only gets a percentage of what you paid for the flowers, decreasing the value of your order! Therefore, you may pay $60 for your flowers, but the flowers delivered will only be worth $45.00. By the way, these "National Floral Marketers" work in a call center. They do not have floral knowledge other than the pictures of the "cookie cutter" arrangements that they sell. In addition, mistakes are frequent when depending on a middleman to relay the details of your order. By calling a florist directly, your order is placed right at the source. You can discuss every detail to your satisfaction. Many florists have toll free numbers. We actually started a website to educate consumers about the best way to buy flowers.


The local florist will show items they have in inventory at their local prices.

The Internet sites can only guess what local florists actually have in inventory (as well as the real costs of those items) since each florist is independently owned and operated. Read the disclaimers about substitutions on the 'Internet' sites to get a real picture of how (un) likely you are to get the item you select. Some of the Internet sites are also located in non-North American countries where US consumer and privacy protection laws do not apply. Do you really want to give these folks your credit card number?

Right Florist is one of the top floral and gifts retailer in India and only second player in India to have a vast franchisee network all over India.

Right Florist has over 35 franchisee stores across India apart from its 2 exclusive stores in Kolkata.

All of the Right Florist's franchisees are amongst the leading florist in their respective cities and towns. Right Florist, Kolkata, is a member of Interflora UK, a leading global network of florist. They also are approved vendor of major on line portals in India.

It caters to both the domestic and international market with the largest delivery network of over 90 countries internationally and 250 locations India wide, making it among the largest florist network in India.

The company fulfills its orders in two ways: through a network of florists, and through drop shipment of flowers and gift items. It established a florist-to-florist network called RightFlorist, and is one of few floral wire services in the country today.

Right Florist is a professionally managed group with over 90 staff members and 4 offices. The company is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Right Florist India Pvt. Ltd.

P76, Lake Road

Kolkata - 700029


Phone: + 91 33 2465 8142

Fax: + 91 33 2465 4140


International website


What is the difference between an Internet florist that ships directly and one that uses a network?

Internet florists falls into two basic categories, ones that ship their own flowers directly to you, and ones that uses a network of local florists to deliver the flowers. Internet florists with networks generally use FTD or Teleflora. These networks have a long history and work well in connecting mom-and-pop florists across the country. Examples of Internet florists that use networks include and Flowers Across America. Internet florists that ship their own flowers include Floweria, KaBloom, and Organic Bouquet. These ship directly from a central farm or warehouse, or through an independent network of florists. They often offer a better price and fresher flowers because there is no middleman.


What do you if you have a problem with service from an Internet florist?

Contact your credit card company and complain.


How often do florists feed their plants?

It depends on the type of plant, but they usually feed/water them once a day or twice a week.


What is the gender of florist and its opposite gender?

In English the noun 'florist' is a gender-neutral occupational noun (a common gender noun).


Why don't roses from a florist smell?

they have been over hybridized to increase their size, length of stem & longevity after being cut that the scent got bred out of them. There is some work being done to breed the scent back in but I don't think there has been any success as of yet.


Looking for jumbo carnation seed or plants available at the florist?

As a florist I have never heard of Jumbo Carnations. The highest quality and best color and largest flower head is called Select Carnations. I do not know of any plants or seed available to the comsumer except what you can buy at your local gardening center.


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