How many births does the average African Wild Dog give?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How many births does the average African Wild Dog give?
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Do mammles give birth or lay eggs?

give live births

Do grasshoppers give live births?

No. they lay eggs

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No. Manatees give have live births

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No, they lay eggs.

What climate does a African wild dog live in?

The African wild dog does not need much camouflage to cach their meals, they rely on swiftness, stealth, and teamwork to catch their prey. But when a predator comes, the dogs' diverse mottled coat blends in with its surrondings

Which mammles lays eggs?

none they all give live births

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Garter snakes have live births.

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lay eggs

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There are several wild animals in Africa. Some of the animals are leopards, cheetahs, crabs, lions, elephants, baboons, meerkats, wildebeest, antelope, buffalo and warthogs.

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Yes, ferrets are mammals that give live births

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