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Q: How many blood diseases are there?
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Related questions

What is the medical term meaning specialist in blood and blood diseases?

A hematologist is the name for a scientist or physician who studies blood and its diseases. See the link below.There are many diseases that can be found in the blood such as anemia, malaria,and Thelassemia.

What are some red blood cell diseases?

Sickle cell disease is one of many diseases of the red blood cell.

Studies blood and the diseases?

A person who studies blood and the diseases of the blood is a hematologist.

Alt blood test?

There are many different kinds of alternative blood tests. These blood tests could be used to test for many diseases.

What diseases are spread through sharing cups?

There are many different diseases that could be spread through sharing cups. These diseases could include blood and oral diseases.

What are blood cells that fight diseases?

White Blood Corpuscles are the cells in the blood that fight diseases.

What kind of blood diseases are there?

There are many kinds; Hereditary diseases such as sickle cell anemia and hemophilia, Cancer like leukemia, Infections, and many others.

Where can I learn about blood diseases online?

To get educated about blood diseases one could visit a doctor specialized in blood and its diseases and ask him about them and how to prevent them in the first place.

What diseases are blood donations tested for?

Before you donate blood, your blood is tested for sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, HIV, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, viral diseases such as influenza and bacterial diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia.

How many diseases can one mosquito carry?

mosquito can't carry any diseases it can carry only the blood from one to other

How does the immune system fight so many diseases?

the immune system fights diseases by creating more white blood cells which trigger more white blood cells that make antibodies.

What does a blood specialist do?

A Blood specialist studys the blood and all the organs associated with blood. They also study all the blood diseases and find preventions and cures for the blood diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases are diseases of the or .?

heart; blood vessels. . . . . by craf

Studies blood and it's diseases?

A hematologist is the name for a scientist or physician who studies blood and its diseases.

Diseases spread through blood?

Diseases such as AIDs and Hepatitis C spread through the blood.

What diseases can you get from sharing a razor?

You can get many diseases from sharing a razor. This is because they could have come in contact with private parts of blood which can spread STDSs.

If you have a perfect blood count does this mean your disease free?

No, there are many diseases that can't be detected by a CBC or complete blood count.

What can a blood test prove?

A blood test can prove many illnessed or diseases you may have, and tell how much iron and minerals are in your body.

What diseases prevent blood donation?

If you have sexually-transmitted diseases, diabetes, hepatitis etc, you are not a qualified blood donor.

How does one describe vascular diseases?

Vascular diseases are cause in the veins are systems that carry blood to all areas of the body. When this system is prevented from regular function it is considered to have one of the many vascular diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases are diseases of the or?

heart; blood vessels. . . . . by craf

What do white blood cells do to diseases?

They fight against diseases

Bloodworms and humans?

Diseases such as Malaria are caused by blood worms in the blood. According to the World Health Organization, blood worms kill as many as a million people annually.

What causes the destruction of red blood cells?

There are quite a few causes of the destruction of red blood cells. The destruction of red blood cells can be caused by many diseases.

What specialist treats diseases and disorder of the blood and blood-forming tissues?

A doctor called a hematologist would be one who would treat blood disorders and diseases.