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What???? If you are asking how many books are in the Charlie Bone Series, eight.

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How many books has jenny nimmo written?

As for any book she's written not sure but there are 8 books in the Charlie Bone series

What books have Jenny Nimmo written?

She's written the Charlie Bone books, the snow spider trilogy, and many more. Check it out on google.

How many Charlie Bone books have been written?

7 books have been written and published, but Jenny is writing an 8th book.

How many books are there in the Jenny Pox series?

There are three: Jenny Pox Tommy Nightmare Alexander Death

How many pages are there in the book Shug by Jenny Han?

There are 248 pages in the book Shug.

What is the best diet book for my money currently on the market?

The best diet book for the money currently on the market would be Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and their are many other diet books that are available for diets on the market.

What is the setting of the book Shug by Jenny Han?

This Book takes place in a Town called Cleminton. The other parts of the book takes place in many different places like most books do. Not only under a tree. that part is only at the begining.

Where is it possible to buy a collection of funny one liners?

There are many books that have been published and sold at book stores or online retailers like Amazon. Some books one can look in to are "Winning With One-Liners" by Pat Williams and "The Book of Great One-Liners" by Jenny Hunter.

The it girl series?

This is currently a book based around Jenny Humphrey at boarding school. It it much like the Gossip Gril books in many ways. It has not been made into a television series.

Library is t book as book is to what?

To solve these problems, look at the relationship between what was given.HOW ARE LIBRARIES AND BOOKS RELATED?Well, libraries have books in them. And they have many books.SO LET'S THINK!What is inside of a book? What do books have many of?....PAGES!

How many books are in the Wolven book series?

There are 3 books in the series.

How many books are in secret of droon series?

The series has 44 books. Book 44 was the final book in the series.

How many books in Euclid's and what is the title of book thirteen?

13 books in total, Book 13 is about Regular solids.

How many books are in Euclid's Elements and what is the title of book 13?

There are 13 books. Book 13 is about regular solids.

How many Star Wars books are there?

There are uncountable books. There are the movie books(which are what most people think of), and then there are the book-books.

How do you make the word book plural?

You can have one book or many books.

How many books are there in the book of Hosea?

There are 14 CHAPTERS in the BOOK of Hosea.

How many books are in the book of Genesis?

There is only one book of Genesis.

How many books does the book of Ephesians?

There is only one book in Ephesians.

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