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This category is for questions about the Children of the Red King book series, written by Jenny Nimmo. The series is more commonly known as "Charlie Bone."

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Charlie Bone

Is there a children of the red king 9?

No there is not. Thereare only 8 books. Charlie Bone And The Red Knight is the last book.

Charlie Bone

What is the chokey like in Matilda?

Chokey is the very tall but very narrow cupboard.the floor is only 10inches square so u can't sit down or squat in have to stand.and 3 of Walls r made of cement with bits of broken glass sticking out all over,so you can't lean avaunt have to stand more or less at attention all the time when you get loked up in that. (This is the exact answer from the novel).

Charlie Bone

What is the second Jenny Nimmo book Charlie Bone?

The second book in the series is Charlie Bone: and the time twister

Charlie Bone

AR points for Charlie Bone and the invisible boy?

10 points

Charlie Bone

Is tancred from Charlie Bone dead?

Nope :)

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Is Charlie off of goodluck Charlie's name Charlie or charlette?


Charlie Bone

How did Lyell Bone die in Charlie Bone?

Well, technacly he didn't die, but he was hypnotized for most of Charlie's life.

Charlie Bone

What is Jenny Nimmo's hometown?

Windsor, Berkshire, England

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What is the name of Temperance Bones Brennan's first book mentioned on Bones?

the book is called bred in the bone and it first appeared in the pilot episode

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Who is Charlie Luciano?

Charlie Luciano
Nov. 24, 1897, to Jan. 26, 1962.
("Charlie Lucky," "Charles Ross," orig. Salvatore Lucania)
Luciano siezed control of the Italian-American underworld in 1931, reorganizing and stabilizing the American Mafia and joining it in a Syndicate with non-Italian gangs. One of the most irritating stories about Luciano is the supposed origin of his "Lucky" nickname. It is said that he was awarded that nickname because he somehow survived being taken for a ride by rival mobsters. The assertion is proved wrong by a number of factors: 1. Even the luckiest guys don't survive being taken for a ride. 2. A newspaper article describing the discovery of the injured Luciano by police stated a day later that Luciano was already known as "Lucky" in organized crime circles. 3. Luciano himself stated more than once that law enforcement agents were responsible for beating him to within an inch of his life. 4. The nickname "Charlie Lucky" would hardly have resulted from such an incident; "Lucky Charlie" would have been far more likely, and any explanation of the monicker should take into account the ordering of the names. It seems painfully obvious that the "Lucky" nickname was merely a shortened, Anglicized version of Luciano's original surname, Lucania. During his childhood on Manhattan's Lower East Side, young Lucania (pronounced "loo-kah-NEE-ah") mainly socialized with non-Italians, kids who would have had a difficult time pronouncing Lucania properly through their combination of non-Romance New York, eastern European and Irish accents. His acquaintances must have found it much easier to pronounce the name "LUCK-ah-NEE-ah," and that, in time (probably long before he began associating with Sicilian and Italian Mafiosi), degerated into "Lucky." Another terribly irritating assertion made by a number of Mafia historians is the concept of Luciano as a Mafia revolutionary. In truth, the changes adopted by American organized crime with Luciano at the helm in 1931 were evolutionary rather than revolutionary and consisted mainly of making national decisions through a panel rather than one Mafia tsar (there actually was precedent for this change dating back to the old days in Sicily) and of cooperating with criminal organizations comprised of non-Italians. Both of these changes helped to ensure the survival of the young Syndicate, but they had been in the works for many years before 1931. Gangs from the Five Points, near where Luciano was raised, had long been recruiting members across ethnic barriers. The Seven Group bootlegging alliance of the 1920s, of which Luciano was a member but probably not the founder or chief executive, was a national cooperative that did not distinguish between ethnic groups. There is no reason to assume that Luciano sired the ruling Syndicate Commission idea either. A host of big-name hoodlums, including Nicola Gentile, Frank Costello and others, could easily stake a claim to that concept. But Luciano was there - the most highly regarded boss of his time - when it all happened. While he might not deserve credit for the changes, he at least did nothing to stand in their way (as his predecessor Salvatore Maranzano attempted to). One other legend relating to Charlie Lucky is irksome. It was reported and has been often repeated than upon reaching the pinnacle of his chosen profession in 1931, Luciano had 40 old-line Mafia "Mustache Petes" killed all across the country. There has never been any confirmation that any noticeable number of mob hits were performed in connection with Luciano's rise to power. In fact, Luciano did not even clear the Mustache Petes out of his own city. Two men who surely represented the old line Mafiosi - Ciro Terranova and Ignazio Lupo - were unmolested. Luciano often met with and spoke with Terranova, either to pick his brain or win his cooperation on Bronx and Harlem ventures. And the dethroned old capo di tutti capi Lupo was left to work his bakery union racket in Brooklyn. The "Sicilian Vespers" of 1931 is a myth with no relation to actual events. Luciano was born in the mining town of Lecara Friddi, Sicily, Nov. 24, 1897. His parents brought him to America in 1907. They settled near First Avenue and Fourteenth Street, outside of Little Italy in an area mainly populated by Jews and eastern European immigrants. In childhood, he befriended Jewish gangsters Meyer Lansky and Benjamin Siegel and may have been influenced by Arnold Rothstein. Luciano gravitated toward the easy buck and at an early age was imprisoned for half a year for narcotics trafficking. Upon his release, he moved through the Five Points outfit and into Little Italy's Mafia. In the early 1920s, he found himself working within "Joe the Boss" Masseria's gang while also teaming with Lansky, Siegel and others on outside ventures. Before the end of that decade, he was Masseria's chief lieutenant, supervising bootlegging and other rackets within Manhattan and forging alliances with non-Mafia groups, including the gangs of Legs Diamond, Dutch Schultz. When civil war came to the Mafia in 1930, Luciano outwardly remained loyal to Joe the Boss but secretly sided with rival Salvatore Maranzano. Luciano arranged the assassination of Masseria on April 15, 1931, at Coney Island's Nuova Villa Tammaro restaurant. He next set up the murder of his new boss, Maranzano, on Sept. 10 of that year. (Maranzano's post-war popularity plummeted after a series of meetings in which his Napoleon-complex was evident.) Luciano was welcomed in 1931 as the head man. He would reign atop American organized crime until 1936 (and perhaps long after) when he was jailed on trumped-up charges relating to a prostitution ring. In 1943, he was released from prison and deported to Italy. Legend says that was payment for rendering some sort of wartime assistance to the Allied landing in Sicily. Luciano kept in touch with his old associates and met with them occasionally outside of the U.S. Rumors indicated that he was welcomed into the Sicilian Mafia by Calo Vizzini and fine-tuned the narcotics trade among Asian sources, Sicilian suppliers and U.S. pushers. The result, some say, was the establishment of an international crime Syndicate. Luciano died Jan. 26, 1962, of natural causes.

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Charlie Bone

What is the time frame for the story 1984?

My own impression when reading the novel was that the main part of the story - that is, up to the arrest - is about a few months. Once Winston Smith is tortured, the reader loses all sense of time.

That's true but remember That Geo. Orwell was writing when Britain was very much down in the dumps with a bad economy's , Losses of Empire, losses during WW2 and economic chaos). From a few things i have read about George Orwell it was to be a fairly near future tale in which he simply switched the date he wrote it (1948) to 1984) The complete collected Journalism of Geo. Orwell a 2 or 3 Volume set can tell you more about his thinking at the time. In a way it reflects his understanding of the 1950's Britain

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Are the Bone Thugs making a movie?


Charlie Bone

What is the uniform for bloors academy in the Charlie one books?

A gold and black tie with a black blazer and black trousers.

Charlie Bone

What is bloor's academy?

bloors academy is the school charlie was forced to go to because he was endowed.bloors academy is a special school for children who have either artistic, dramatic or musical talents as well as for children who have magical and unusual talents.bloors academy was also the home to the red king because thousands of years ago he built a castle there(which is now known as the ruin)so he, queen berenice, the children of the red king, the three leopards and some magicians could live the charlie made lots of friends in the academy most of them wre endowed and the only friend of charlies(i think) is fidelio gunn who is obsessed to music and also happened to be charlies piano teacher.

Charlie Bone

How old is Tancred Torsson?

Charlie Bone was born in 1992 and is twelve in books 5-8 Jenny Nimmo says that Lysander and Tancred are two years older making them born in 1990 which makes them 14!

Charlie Bone

What type of book is Charlie Bone?

childrens fantasy

Charlie Bone

Like Tancred Torsson Emma Tolly?

Pulled from: "Charlie Bone and the Beast" pges 144-145

"Hey is that Tancred's..."

"Girlfriend" said Fidelio "Tracy Morsell"

"Really? You know alot."

"I do." agreed Fidelio "I keep my ear to the ground. And over there is poor Emma Tolly, who's heart is breaking."

Following Fidelio's gaze, Charlie saw Emma sitting alone on a log in a far corner of the grounds. She had a pile of books on her knees, and even from a distance, Charlie could tell she was upset.

"Does she...?" Charlie turned to Fidelio.

"Does she like Tancred? I'll say. Haven't you noticed.

Emma likes Tancred it is hinted in the 6th book but it is until the 8th that tancred starts liking Emma. They are seen smiling to each other and holding hands under the table.

Charlie Bone

What does Tancred Torsson look like?

Like Lysander, he is older than Charlie and his friends, therefore he is taller. He is blond and he hair is messy and looks "electrified" because it is spiky. He can look mean and menacing, but he is really nice. He is in the art section at Bloor's Academy.

Charlie Bone

What is the main problem in 'Midnight for Charlie Bone'?

First Emma is missing and Charlie get endowed so he has to change schools which disturbs him

Charlie Bone

What is the second book in the Charlie Bone series?

Charile Bone and the Time Twister

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When does Maximum Ride movie come out in Australia?

Around 2013. they are currently filming right now :D

Charlie Bone

What is the town in Charlie Bone book?

They never say the town's name

Charlie Bone

When does the ninth Charlie Bone book come out?

There isn't a 9th the series only has 8 books

Charlie Bone

What does Charlie Bone look like?

he has brown short hair and brown eyes

Charlie Bone

Where can you read all the Charlie Bone books online for free?

I'm afraid you can't read her books online for free at all. I've looked all over the internet and i guess I'll have to buy it from the Amazon, WHSmith or get it from a libary.


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