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As for any book she's written not sure but there are 8 books in the Charlie Bone series

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What books have Jenny Nimmo written?

She's written the Charlie Bone books, the snow spider trilogy, and many more. Check it out on google.

How many book did nimmo jenny all the books?

What???? If you are asking how many books are in the Charlie Bone Series, eight.

How many Charlie Bone books have been written?

7 books have been written and published, but Jenny is writing an 8th book.

How many books are there in the Jenny Pox series?

There are three: Jenny Pox Tommy Nightmare Alexander Death

How many books has Patricia Polacco written?

I think she has written 47 books.

How many Domesday books were written?

There were only 2 domesday books written

How many books has John Grogan written?

John Grogan wrote three booksI have written three books

How many books has Jackie French written?

Jackie has written 140 books in her lifetime.

How many books has Cathy cassidy written?

Cathy Cassidy has written 20 books.

How many books has Scott odell written?

Scott O'Dell has written 28 books.

How many books has Dave Pelzer written?

He as written Seven books so far

How many books has jaquline Wilson written?

Jacqueline Wilson has written 83 books

How many books has Rould Dahl written?

He has written more than 60 books.

How many books has Gordon Kormon written?

Gordon Korman has written 136 books.

How many books has Holly Webb written?

Holly Webb has written 11 books.

How many books has Craig Kielburger written?

Craig Kielburger has written eight books.

How many books has Kes Gray written?

He has written around 50 kids books

How many books has Jennifer Armstrong written?

she has approximately 80 or 85 books written

How many books has Kathy Mackel written?

Kathy Mackel has written 12 books.

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