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Depends entirely on what kind of beer. Different hops have different levels of alpha acids which shape the hop "profile." It also depends on whether the hops are fresh (if you can get fresh hops, awesome) or have been dried and compacted into pellets (they look just like rabbit feed). 1 oz of these pellets is about equal to five times (5 oz.) its fresh hop counterpart. Hops are very much a matter of personal taste, although certain styles are notorious for being hoppier- microbreweries along the pacific coast are notorious for brewing beers with robust hop profiles that most casual drinkers would consider too bitter (because they are used to the macro-produced Pilseners that have become something of a commercial standard). I brew an I.P.A. that uses approximately 9.5 oz of hop pellets, and it requires 8.5 lbs. of malt extract to create the proper malt backbone to support the intense hop profile.

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This depends entirely on the size of the bottle.

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About 58.

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Q: How many bottles are in 5 gallons?
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