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It varied from camp to camp, and throughout the war. In the beginning the average seems to be around 1700 (though probably less as they based estimates on the average product of the time, and prisoners received products of a much lower quality meaning fewer nutrients), and towards the end of the war was possibly as low as 500 calories a day. This was on top of an extreme amount of labor as well.

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It depends on the Jew in question.

At the worst end of the scale, Jews on the run from the Nazis could often not even count on any food in a given day and might be lucky to find something to eat in the wilderness every few days. Jews in Labor Camps would be fed roughly 230 calories a day (which is less than two Sausalito cookies). Jews in the Ghettos were not fed much better.

On the better end of the scale, Jews in the United States had the same rationing as all other Americans, but were generally able to eat to contentment.

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The Jews needed at least 800 calories a day that came from nutritious food would have helped the Jews to survive. They received about a hundred calories and it came from garbage and cast off food. They barely got any liquid. They mostly died from starvation, dehydration, disease and murder.

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probably around 100 calories, not sufficient to carry their work load

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Q: How many calories could the Jews live on during World War 2?
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