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How many calories do anorexic people eat?


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It varies in each individual that is Anorexic. There are few calories and Anorexics prefer to stick with very small portions of lettuce, a few vegetable or fruits, but even that becomes distasteful for them given time. They are literally starving themselves to death. If they don't receive counseling and help with their eating habits they will eventually die because their organs start to shut-down. Heart attacks are also high with chronic Anorexics.


It just depends on the severity of the disorder. Some less severe cases will be fine with around 800 a day, as long as they are losing weight. Usually the range is between 0-500. But until the individual receives counseling and help, or as long as nobody knows, they will continue to restrict their calories more and more. I've heard of people setting 400 calories a day as their goal...and they really try their hardest to NOT meet that goal. that goal is really just for "only in very worst circumstances". the least amount of calories the better. and sometimes they will go days without consuming any calories whatsoever.