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round about 370 if you mean an hour it depends on time duration

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Well you burn about 200 calories. I Hope This Helped:-)

112 calories burned per 60 mins

i dont know ecxacly but i think its 175

It depends on your height and weight

It's not really about what you do, but more about what you weigh and how hard you go at it. For an adult, getting decently winded and sweaty, say maybe 450 calories tops.

Yes. The Dance Dance Revolution game for the Wii does come with a mat. You have to hook the mat controller into the slot where Gamecube controllers can be inserted on the top of the Wii.

You can buy the game with or without a dance mat, you can choose. The one with the dance mat comes in a larger box. This is the same with all dance dance revolution games on all consoles.

No you cant play Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 without a mat.

No, you can play with a keyboard. Some songs can't be danced using a dance mat.

One cannot 'find' a BBC dance mat, but BBC dance mat typing is a method of teaching typing to young children by playing games. These games can be found on the BBC website.

If you are thinking of what I think you are a dance mat is a mat that kind of feels life rubber,like a yoga mat but thicker and fluffier. They use dance mats in acro/gymnastics so in case you fall while doing a trick you don't hurt yourself severely.

You don't need a mat to play Just Dance 2 on the Wii, you just need a remote to hold in your right hand.

A heat proof mat is for safety so it does not burn the object below it

no, you dont need a dance mat either but its dumb without one

You could purchase any number of workout dvds to view on your TV. You can also use games like nintendo wii's wii fit, or Dance Dance Revolution. Dance Dance Revolution (DDR for short) uses a dance mat. You move your feet to the arrows on the mat as they correspond to the arrow appearing in the game on your tv screen. It is great fun and burns calories too! The most obvious thing is Wii Fit with a balance board. You can use this game to get an aerobic workout and to develop coordination.

yes i think they still have some left in gamestop

At game stores like game stop or online.

A mat made out of preferably metal threads threaded together to make a square mat which protects the surface which protects the surface a bunsen burner stands on from burn marks.

I dont know I'm stupid

because your game mat is messed up and stupid and so r u to not know that u have to make sure u have it in the first outlet and not the second

No, you don't need to have a mat for this wii game. All you need is a wii remote and two legs.

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