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How many calories in a grilled cheese sandwich?


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  • That depends on variables such as the thickness of the bread, the type of bread, and how much cheese you use (whether grated cheese or sliced cheese.) In addition, will you use one slice of cheese or two, how thick will you slice your cheese, and what type of cheese will it be. Then there is the question of buttering the bread and if you do butter the bread how much butter will you use.
  • You are looking at a minimum of 250 calories in a thin grilled cheese sandwich. It depends on the type of cheese, bread and butter (or margarine).
  • There are about 250 calories in a small grilled cheese sandwich. Each slice of white bread has about 50 calories in it and each slice of American cheese has about 67 calories in it. So that 167 right there.
  • But usually a grilled cheese sandwich will have two slices of cheese... so that puts you at 234. In addition, butter used for cooking, you are looking at about 300 calories overall for a thin grilled cheese sandwich.
  • The cheese ALONE is going to be about 200 calories if you use say 2-3 slices of American cheddar. Whole grain wheat bread is generally 75-90 calories a slice as is white only it has more starch/sugar. I eat stone ground roman meal wheat, which is a whopping 90 calories a slice.
  • In total, it could be as much as 500 calories just from ONE grilled cheese if you use say country crock whipped oil spread, which is a healthy oil based spread, to "butter" each slice of bread as you need this for frying.
  • It is a meal in itself with the calorie count being so high and it is 65-75% bad calories. It is not a snack.
  • Therefore, it is high in fat, high in sugar and high, high, high in calories. It is best considered a treat to have maybe a couple times a month when you know your activity level will be high. You can always sort of cheat and slice a single slice of bread in half and make a half sized sandwich.