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A fluff sandwich has exactly 4 calories.

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There are about 125 calories are in a turkey sandwich.

There are about 320 calories in a pork sandwich.

There are about 325 calories in a sausage sandwich.

150 calories are in a sandwich with ham

A McChicken sandwich has approximately 430 calories.

There are about 344 calories in a peanut butter sandwich.

There are about 134 calories in a cheese and bacon sandwich.

There are usually about 400-600 calories in a ribeye sandwich.

It depends what kind of sandwich

There are approximately 400 calories in a smoked salmon sandwich.

The Chickfila chicken sandwich contains 430 calories.

A Burger King original chicken sandwich is 660 calories.

380 calories are present in a fish sandwich of McDonald's.

in a nutella sandwich there are 320 calories per serving but it depends on how much you put on your sandwich and you need to count how many calories the bread contains as well. in total around 450 calories for a nutella sandwich. (:

That depends on the type of sandwich.

The exact number of calories in a jelly sandwich can vary by the type of jelly that is used. A grape jelly sandwich has an average of 343 calories.

Depends what kinda bread/peanut butter and brand of marshmallow fluff you're using. I found a recipe for those watching their weight which states that 1 fluffernutter sandwich is 440 calories. However this is with whole wheat bread and a pathetic amount of fluff and peanut butter. If you're anything like me your sandwich will be on HUGE pieces of bread, GLOBS of both fluff and peanut butter, and a sliced up banana. I wouldn't be surprised if my average fluffernutter was ball parking 1200ish calories.Happy Eating! :)

A McDonald's Filet-o-Fish sandwich has 379 calories.

In a Wendy's Spicy Chicken sandwich there are approximately 470 calories.

Do an average tuna salad sandwich has 610 calories?

It all depends on the content of your sandwich.

How many calories in a pepper sandwich

There are 450 calories in a spicy chicken sandwich from McDonald's.

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