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How many calories in a loaf of bread?


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70 calories per slice estimated 40 slices.

roughly 2800 calories

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There are about 1200 calories in a loaf of white bread.

A normal serving size is considered 2 oz. and would be 120 calories. Assuming 6 servings per loaf, that would be 720 calories.

Usually a loaf contains 8 to 10 servings, and each servings is (on average) 150 to 200 calories. So that equals roughly 1,600 calories.

Calories in BreadThe amount of calories in a slice of bread will vary depending on the type of bread and how big the loaf is. One slice of one brand of white bread has 60 calories, but since two slices are usually considered a serving, a serving would be 120 calories.

How many slices to a loaf of bread depends on a. How thick you would like your bread; b. How long the loaf of bread is; c. Who cut the loaf of bread You see, everyone does things differently. So every loaf of bread could be cut to have a different number of slices.

It depends on what size the loaf is and what sort of bread it is.

Depends on the style of bread. I have seen 10 to as many as 24 slices in a loaf.

A standard loaf of bread has anywhere from 21 to 25 slices of bread in it. The number of slices depends on the size of the loaf.

The number of slices of bread in a loaf is variable. The answer depends on both the thickness of the slices and the size of the loaf.

A packet of bread is also a loaf of bread.

There are many types of bread that, in many different loaf sizes. So it is not possible to provide a single weight that applies to all loaves of bread.

The average loaf of bread weighs 1lb and 8 ounces. The average loaf of bread has 24 servings--1 ounce per serving. a two pound loaf of bread would have 32 servings.

The heel of the bread is then end of a loaf of bread. Or you could say that the crust is the end of a loaf of bread depending on how you interpret it.

It depends on how big the loaf is and how thick the slices are

Bread is solid, and not measured in milliliters.

Because grain is milled into flour before baking into bread, it is not possible to know how many individual "grains" there are in a loaf.

The average cost of a loaf of bread in 1980 was $0.50. A loaf of bread in 1990 cost about $0.70.

Loaf is another word for a loaf of bread!


A loaf of Bread 9 cents

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