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maybe you should try to eat 2 slices of bread only, with some low-fat cheese as spread, one glass of milk, and plenty of vegetables,and fruits. do a lot of exercise and sit ups for flat tummy

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How many carbs should you eat on a 1200 calorie diet?

In any diet, about 45-65% of the diet should consist of carbohydrates. Based on a 1200 calorie diet, 540-780 calories should be from carbohydrates.

How many grams of carbs should you eat on a 1200 calorie diet?

30 to 50 grams. That is called as low carbohydrates diet.

Where can I find more information regarding the 1200 calorie diet plan, is it effective?

The 1200 calorie diet plan involves counting carbs and eating roughly 1200 calories per day. To find information and tips on how to approach a diet like this, ask your doctor or contact a dietitian.

What is a good low-calorie diet plan for women?

Here is a good 1200 calorie diet plan designed by a woman for women. For a more comprehensive look at this plan :

Are there any websites that can help me find 1200 calorie diet?

The 1200 calorie diet can be a quick and effective weight loss plan. You can find meal plans at as well as

How many carbs per day in a 1200 diet?

you need 90 carbohydrates on a 1200 diet

Where can I find more information on 1200 calorie diet?

There is actually a website called The website includes a section entitled "Why 1200 Calorie Diet" which explains some of the benefits. It also explains the dangers of not planning carefully and gives an example of a 1200 calorie menu.

How many carbs daily on a 1600 calorie diet?

it depends

How many calories do carbohydrates represent?

Carbs should comprise about 60%-65% of your diet and calorie intake daily.

How many grams of carbohydrates are contained in a 2200 calorie diet?

60% of a diet should be carbohydrates. In a 2,200 calorie diet, that is about 1,320 calories from carbs. The grams of this will vary depending on the type of carbs and carb sources (oatmeal vs. bread vs. cereal vs. fruit, for example) that are eaten.

Does a 1200 calorie a day diet provide sufficient nutrition?

Yes you can try a 1200 calorie diet if you are just starting to diet. If you eat less or the same as 1200 calories i would try to hit a lower goal. Keep cuting calories as you go.

How many carbohydrates should you consume at 5' 2 on 1200 calories per day?

Fifty percent of your diet or half of what you eat should come from carbohydrates. If you consume a 1,200 calorie diet, then 600 calories should come from carbs. The beneficial carbs would be fruits, vegetables, whole grains such as oatmeal. If you want to maintain a healthy diet or weight, avoid or reduce carbs such as sugar, potato chips, pastries, white breads, pasta and other refined foods.

How do I lose 2lbs a day on a 1200 calorie diet I'm a 20 year old female weight 258 also how much protein and carbs should I have everyday?

Try doing the HCG diet. It is a really effective and safe way to lose weight fast.

Where can I find info on 1200 calories diet online?

about diet, check this for more information www .vmedianetwork .com/2020/07/30/keto-diet-review/

Should zero calorie foods be apart of a diet?

Zero calorie foods are good for someone who is on a diet and are counting calories. It really depends on the diet you are on. While zero calorie foods might be low in calories some are high in carbs. If you are on a low carb diet, such as South Beach, this might effect your diet and do the opposite.

How many carbs should you eat on at 1750 calorie diet?

30 to 50 grams. But then up to 150 grams can be adjusted.

How would someone go on a 1200 calorie diet?

Anyone can go on a 1200 calorie diet. There is no meal plan to follow, but sticking to fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, and lean proteins make it an easy diet to keep up with.

Where online can I find a sample weight loss diet?

For a sample diet plan, try have a 1200-calorie diet and a 1800-calorie diet that you can follow.

What are the best websites for diet menus?

There is an example of a 1200 calorie diet menu at this site: If you prefer menus for low carb diets, there is a directory of those at this site:

Are there any websites that can help me find diet menus?

One website that may be very helpful is This website provides you with a 1200 calorie diet menu that you can follow every week.

Where can I find information about 1200 calorie diet plan on the Internet?

The information on the 1200 calorie diet plan can be found on the internet on fitness websites and weight loss discussion forums. It also has some news articles that relate to it.

Are there websites online that help with the 1200 calorie diet plan?

Well, I would recommend losing weight with the 1200 calorie diet plan by using the guides offered by LiveStrong. They also offer a variety of helpful guides.

Is a 500 calorie diet a healthy option for weight loss?

This is a very low calorie limit you are requesting and NOT advisible. Most nutritionists, diet and fitness experts agree that you should not go lower than 1200 calories per day.

Can you eat carbs on an hcg diet plan?

Yes, you can eat carbs on an HCG diet plan. If you do eat carbs make sure that you stick to your 500 calorie plan. you may eat anything you want if it fits in your plan.

What types of food would you eat to maintain a 1200 calorie diet?

There are no specific meal plans for the 1200 calorie diet. You are likely to experience more success if you eat fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins.