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How many cars can you sell per year in Colorado before needing a dealers license?


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You can only sell 3 cars per year before needing a dealers license.


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You can sell 3 without needing a dealers license. If you sell that 4th car you re considered a dealer and need a license.

trying to help a friend with the answer to this question

Three or more Vehicles sold in a 12 month period requires a Dealers License.

Not sure about ND but it is 3 cars a year in some states.

I'm not a hundered percent sure. I had a florida license before my Colorado one was revoked. My florida license is still valid and that is what I am using. I don't see why not.

Here is a link to how many by state:

You can own as many as you want. However you can sell 4 before you need a dealers license. Sell that 5th car and you need a license.

I don't know if this answer will help, but in Canada it doesn't matter how many you sell in a year all that matters is how many you are selling at any given time. In the province of BC, if you are actively selling more than 4 vehicles at once, you need a dealer license. Anyone who sells, exchanges, or accepts trade-ins for new cars or buys used cars to resell them, or who sells four or more used cars in a 12-month period, must have a dealer license and renew it annually.

You can sell up to 4 in a 12 month period without a dealers license. When you sell that 5th vehicle you need a license.

It really depends on the state's laws as to needing a permit before the actual license. Your local DMV will have all the information either on their official website or if you visit them personally to inquire about the matter.

Not even in Colorado, any where in the world can a convict get a licence to sell insurance products, provided he has not concealed his identity before the authority.

The California DMV's Occupational Licensing is pretty clear on this one.If you intend to sell even a single vehicle "with the intention to make a profit" you need a dealer license. A wholesale license allows you to sell to other dealers, a retail license allows you to sell to the public.If the vehicles are titled in your name (and taxes paid), it's very unlikely you would ever be confronted by the DMV.You'll show up somewhere / get caught when you're trying to re-sell a vehicle that is currently in someone else's name. This would require you to forge a new bill of sale for the next buyer.

ยง 503.024. EXCLUSIONS FOR DEALER. (a) A person is notrequired to obtain a dealer general distinguishing number if theperson:(1) sells or offers to sell during a calendar yearfewer than five vehicles of the same type that are owned andregistered in that person's name; or

Might be 6 or more.

50 and below. Anything over 50 you must have the motorcycle endorsement.

Colorado was called The Colorado Territory.

I think it 5 but call DMV to find out the know that one off hand I called Jessie White's office and they said you can sell 5 per year YOU ARE WRONG! 5 is a dealer. 4 is the Max. I am not allowed to post a link so go to departments>> vehicles/dealer >> remitter

You do have to have a drivers license befor you can uotain a motorcycle license.

you have your permit for six months and then you get your license

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How to get there and how high you can go before needing oxygen.

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