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Only vehicles that are Flex Fuel vehicles can burn E85. How many there are is of no consequence.

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Q: How many cars in the US can burn E85 fuel?
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Can you use E85 in an 07 Vibe?

NO! As far as I know the Vibe is NOT a Flex Fuel vehicle. If it is Flex Fuel and can burn E85 it will have a label affixed to the vehicle somewhere. Do NOT use E85 in a non Flex Fuel vehicle.

Can the 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5S take E-85 fuel?

If is says FlexFuel in your owners manual or on the rear of the vehicle then you can burn E85. If not, then no you cannot use E85.

Does the fuel tank have to be empty to use e85 fuel?

No, but the vehicle has to be able to operate on E85.

Do fuel flex cars get better gas mileage?

No, on the Chrysler products that offer flex fuel when running on E85 there is a 25% loss in fuel economy.

Can you burn e20 flex fuel in your non flex fuel vehicle?

No, you cannot use E85 or above in any engine not designed for that fuel. You will damage the engine if you do.

Why do you have to modify vehicles to use ethanol as a fuel?

You don't if the vehicle was designed as a flex fuel vehicle. It can safely burn E85 ethanol. You can burn a mixture of 10% Ethanol in any vehicle.

How types of fuel you can take in cars engine?

Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, E85 in a flex fuel vehicle, & Hydrogen in future vehicles. Old steam powered cars used coal, or wood as a fuel.

How much E85 gas can your car burn without damage?

If it is a flex fuel vehicle you can burn all you want. If not a flex fuel vehicle immediate damage can result. The Ethanol will damage the seals in the fuel system.

E85 2007 Chevy Trailblazer?

You cannot burn E85 in a vehicle that is not Flex Fuel. I do not think your Trailblazer is Flex Fuel. If it is it will have a yellow gas cap, and a sticker saying Flex Fuel. If you have any doubts look in your owner's manual or call your GM dealer and provide your VIN#. They can verify if it is Flex Fuel.

Jeep Liberty 2005 E85?

No. do not use E85 in a Liberty. It does not have the proper software or fuel system components to run on E85.

How does flex fuel improve gas mileage?

If you are referring to E85, from my experience using E85 actually lowers the fuel economy.

Can you use E85 fuel in a 2004 Nissan 350Z?

no you can not use e85, only ninetysix

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