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How many cars in the US can burn E85 fuel?


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2008-12-15 00:13:03
2008-12-15 00:13:03

Only vehicles that are Flex Fuel vehicles can burn E85. How many there are is of no consequence.

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NO! As far as I know the Vibe is NOT a Flex Fuel vehicle. If it is Flex Fuel and can burn E85 it will have a label affixed to the vehicle somewhere. Do NOT use E85 in a non Flex Fuel vehicle.

Yes. An E85 car is called a Flex Fuel car meaning it can burn regular gasoline or E85.

No, on the Chrysler products that offer flex fuel when running on E85 there is a 25% loss in fuel economy.

No, but the vehicle has to be able to operate on E85.

If is says FlexFuel in your owners manual or on the rear of the vehicle then you can burn E85. If not, then no you cannot use E85.

No, you cannot use E85 or above in any engine not designed for that fuel. You will damage the engine if you do.

You don't if the vehicle was designed as a flex fuel vehicle. It can safely burn E85 ethanol. You can burn a mixture of 10% Ethanol in any vehicle.

Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, E85 in a flex fuel vehicle, & Hydrogen in future vehicles. Old steam powered cars used coal, or wood as a fuel.

If it is a flex fuel vehicle you can burn all you want. If not a flex fuel vehicle immediate damage can result. The Ethanol will damage the seals in the fuel system.

Not recommended. E85 (flex fuel) engines are modified engines that allows the use of flex fuel. E85 is less potent then standard gas so more fuel (up to 34%) is needed to be injected into the cylinders to retain the car's power. Flex fuel cars have electronic fuel injectors, that can sense the E85 gasoline and increase the amount injected into the chamber. If you put E85 fuel into a standard engine, u will experience a significant reduction in power, and possibly doing harm to your engine. E85 fuel is good in a since that it burns cleaner and emits less emissions but because more fuel is needed to be injected, it produces lower fuel economy numbers.

It is not made for E85 it is just designed to be able to use E85. You can use regular fuel and it will get better fuel economy in the process.

You cannot burn E85 in a vehicle that is not Flex Fuel. I do not think your Trailblazer is Flex Fuel. If it is it will have a yellow gas cap, and a sticker saying Flex Fuel. If you have any doubts look in your owner's manual or call your GM dealer and provide your VIN#. They can verify if it is Flex Fuel.

No. do not use E85 in a Liberty. It does not have the proper software or fuel system components to run on E85.

If you are referring to E85, from my experience using E85 actually lowers the fuel economy.

If the car is a Flex-Fuel vehicle then yes you can use E85. If it is not a Flex-Fuel vehicle you cannot use E85. Using E85 will damage components. As far as I know your 2006 Pontiac G6 is not a Flex-Fuel vehicle. Reads your owner's manual to be sure.

If there isn't a sticker on or near the gas cap that says E85, or flex fuel it is not recommended to run E85. A 10% mixture that is sold at most gas pumps is ok.

E85 is a blend of gasoline and ethanol fuel which has been denatured. The ratio is 15% to 85%. E85 is a variety of fuel, but modifications to the engine are required for this to be used.

no you can not use e85, only ninetysix

No. A 1999 Ram is not equipped to run on E85.

Not very well...the older cars computer maps for fuel control is based on the air/fuel ratio of gasoline, which is 14.7:1. E85 fuel is lower at 13.85:1. Some aftermarket companies may offer reprogramming of the computer to compensate for E85 fuel. Try a web search...

No. E85 requires a vehicle to be designed to run it. It requires different internal engine componets, such as valves, and different computer stradegies such as timing and air/fuel metering. E85 is cheaper, but there really isn't any econmic benefit to the consumer to run E85. Because while it may be cheaper to buy, it gets significantly less miles per gallon. It isn't as efficient, so you burn way more fuel.

A 2000 Lesabre is not designed for E85. While the car might operate on E85 the fuel system is not built for it.

Not with out damaging the fuel system.

most vehicles from 1992 to current are able to run on e85 ethanol

E85 is a fuel blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline.

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