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How the veitnam war ended?

The North defeated the South.

What is the capital of veitnam?

The official national capitol of Veitnam is Hanoi, Veitnam.

What side did the us side with in the vietnam war?

republic of south veitnam

Where did the Veitnam war take place?

In Vietnam, south-east Asia

How many casualties were at the Battle of Vicksburg?

The Union suffered 10,000 casualties. The South suffered 9,091 casualties and had 29,495 men surrender. = =

How many casualties of the union were at the Battle of Vicksburg?

10,000 casualties of the union army 9,091 casualties of the south 29,495 men surrendered

Who else was the US with in the Vietnam War?

phillipines, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, South Veitnam

Why did the veitnam war end?

The North defeated (conquered) the south in '75; that ended it.

How many cities are in veitnam?

54 total

Who had more war casualties the north or the south how many more did they have?


How many casualties were there from the south Vietnam side in the Vietnam war?

About 1,000,000 men.

How many casualties were there for the South Vietnam side?

Some sources state about a million.

The South suffered over 28,000 casualties and the North about 23,000 casualties at?


How many american soldiers died in veitnam?

58,000 soldiers died

How many Vietnamese went MIA?

Obtaining accurate figures for the South Vietnamese Government Forces (ARVN, South Vietnamese Marines, South Vietnamese Air Force, South Vietnamese Navy) is difficult, as SOUTH Vietnam has NOT EXISTED for over a quarter of a century. Northern casualties can be estimated. Southern casualties can be estimated. See sites: Vietnam War Casualties & Statistics about the Vietnam War.

How many people died in the south during the nashville battle?

42879 casualties were found after the battle

How many soldiers were killed in veitnam?

there were about 300,000 deaths in vietnam out of the 500,000 that went

How many mean died in the south in 1816 in the battle of petersburg?

Um, it is men, not mean and the siege of petersburg occurded in 1865.Union= 8150 casualtiesConfederate= 3236 casualties

What were the total amount of casualties for the north and south in the battle of Chattanooga?

The United States of America had 5,815 casualties and the Confederate States of America had 6,670 casualties

How many south vietnamese served in the Vietnam war?

The website, "Vietnam War casualties" might be helpful.

How many casualties in the Battle of Liege?

how many casualties were there in the battle of liege?

Why were the American soldiers in the Vietnam war?

the americans where an ally to south vietnam. veitnam was in two parts at that time like north korea and south korea. It was fought from 1959 to 1975. At the end of the war i know they all went together to form one contury. for more info just type in Veitnam war facts on Google

Who had more casualties the north or the south How many more did they have?

According to recent numerical research and records, the north had a few more casualties than the south during the Civil War, or the battle between North and South. The south suffered 490,309 soldiers killed, wounded, captured or missing, while the north suffered 596,670.

Who had more casualties in the civil war?

The North had more casualties but the south had a greater percentage of the total population killed.

What is the major religion in Veitnam?

It is budidum.

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