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how many cells does a mouse have

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Q: How many cells does a fly and a mouse have?
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How many cells are in a mouse?

there are 456 cells in a 30 pound mouse

How many cells does a house fly have?

The common house fly has millions of cells in its entire body. It is amazing how such a small creature has so many cells.

How many brain cells are in a fly?

I've heard that there are approximately 100,000 cells a fly's brain.

How many cells are there in a mouse?

46 - same as every other human cell

What is smaller a mouse or a spider?

If you want an insect then there are many, like the common fly and fruit fly.

What does it mean when you use the mouse to copy cells?

Whatever is in cells can be copied to other cells. There are many ways to copy cells with the keyboard and the mouse. You can do it with the mouse in a number of ways. You can copy with the Fill Handle. You can do it by right-clicking on the mouse and pick options to copy and paste from the shortcut menu. You can use the mouse with the Ctrl key, to copy.

How many cells does a venus fly trap have?

Trillions of cells.

Will fly spray kill a mouse?

No, fly spray will not kill a mouse. A mouse can be killed with special traps made just for that species.

How many daughter cells are produced when a mouse cell undergoes meiosis?


When you move the mouse while holding down the mouse button to select a range of cells?

If you drag across the cells while pressing the right mouse button, it will select the cells.

How many light-sensitive cells does a house fly have?


sheep is to fly as cat is to?