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What is the full form of first aids ?


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Gilliars disease is a fictional disease that affects children. The children suffering from this disease that causes severe pain and muscle atrophy don't usually live past the age of six or seven.

Any, if not all, wild animals carry the potential to contract rabies, if they don't already have the disease. Usually stray pets, such as dogs or cats, will catch the disease.

The most well known disease one can contract from a scratch is known as cat scratch disease. This infection is bacterial in nature and usually presents with mild symptoms. More serious complications can arise.

An orthopodist specialize in conditions and disease that affect the bones and muscles, usually in children.

Yes, children can have shingles. Since they are usually vacinated for chicken pox, nowadays they are getting "shingles" instead.

(noun or noun adjunct) "The disease spread rapidly and there was no cure." "Measles is a viral disease that usually affects children." "The disease organism in many of the cases was a mutated bacteria."

There are many reasons why a person might contract a disease. Lifestyle has 100% to do with it. Liver cancer patients usually suffer from a yellowish color skin and acute pain in the abdomen.

Mad cow disease is caused by a prion, which is a misfolded protein. It is not alive, but it replicates. Because it is not alive you can not kill it by cooking the infected item. Cows usually contract mad cow disease by being fed the remains of cows that had mad cow disease.

It is very possible. The onset of symptoms is usually later in life, after a person will have had children.

The symptomsof HD usually appear at an age where the person will already have had children. In an early onset disease, the person may have decided not to have children, or have died. The late onset increases the likelihood that the disease will grow in the population.

You need to review the contract that you signed. If you breach a contract you usually lose your deposit. That's the purpose of a contract. Contracts are not usually drafted so that one party can "get out" unscathed.

PKU and Tay-Sachs will manifest when the person is an infant. HD will usually manifest when the person is an adult- usually after they are old enough to have children.

forevera contract is usually for three years

Children with Alpers' disease usually develop symptoms between the ages of three months and five years old. Initially, the first symptom early in life is seizures (convulsions). These children tend to be hypotonic.

Fifth disease, or erythema infectiosum, is a common respiratory infection among children caused by parvovirus B19 that usually is not serious but can cause fetal complications.

There are many causes of high blood pressure in children. Usually it is due to renal disease.

It is a viral infection usually seen in preschool children. It presents with typical upper respiratory syndrome symptoms and can be distinguished by the red "slapped cheek" rash on the face.

an agreement is usually verbal.not really a contract. a contract is usually written for legal purposes and the smartest way to go about an agreement and or terms of a situation.

You usually do not get chicken pox in infants. They are protected by the antibodies from the mother. Chicken pox is a very mild disease in young children and you do not need to prevent the same usually.

t any age- it is a genetic test. However, children that do not have symptoms of juvenile HD are not usually tested.

usually it is negotiated in the contract so that would be a yes

Parvo virus does affect humans and although it usually is a mild disease it can be very serious in young children

READ the contract you signed. Most possibilities are covered in the contract. the only way I know of to "cancel" a contract is if it was started at you home(usually door to door sales) or default by one party and usually involves legal action.

Celiac disease is an auto-immune disease that you can't catch. You are born with it and it is usually genetic.

Raccoons are susceptible to both canine and feline distemper which are separate. distinct diseases. They can contract these from another infected raccoon, a dog or a cat and is usually fatal. If raccoons in an area contract the disease it can quickly wipe out an entire population of the animals. Fortunately, it is not transmitted to humans.

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