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they are all white

but some have a tint of grey

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How many clouds does jupiter have?

3 clouds and their colors are red blue and brown or white

What are white clouds?

they are clouds which actually has a white color

What are the puffy white clouds called?

the puffy white clouds are called cirrus clouds

What are puffy white clouds referred to?

In science, "puffy white clouds" are known as cumulus clouds.

Is white fluffy clouds rain?

No, White fluffy clouds (Cumulus clouds) do not usually cause rain. usually rain clouds are dark.

Which planet has white ammonia clouds?

Jupiter is the planet that has white ammonia clouds.

What is a white fluffy clouds?

White fluufy clouds are like they say on the tin

When was White Fluffy Clouds created?

White Fluffy Clouds was created in 2003.

What is white clouds?

White clouds can refer to a couple things. It can describe clouds that are white in appearance. It can also refer to the nickname of White Cloud Mountain minnows, which are a type of fish.

How are dark clouds different from white clouds?

dark clouds gives heavy rain while white clouds gives us fine weather

What appeararance is Neptune?

blue dark spot white bands of white clouds some white clouds

Can it rain but white clouds no rain clouds?

no you need rain clouds

How can you idnify cumulus clouds?

Cumulus clouds are the pig puffy white clouds.

What are high white feathery clouds?

cirrus clouds

What is the name of white fluffy clouds?

cumulus clouds

What clouds are white with fuzzy edges?

Cirrus clouds

What are low white clouds called?

snow clouds

Which clouds are white with fuzzy edges?

Clouds that are white with fuzzy edges might be the cumulus clouds. These might also refer to the altocumulus clouds which are found higher in the atmosphere.

What color would the sky be if it were to be cloudy?

depends on what kind of clouds, if it were white clouds the sky would be white. if it were grey clouds it would be grey

What type of clouds are white and fluffy like cotton ballsWhat type of clouds are white and fluffy like cotton balls?

Cumulus clouds A+

Why are clouds white why cant it be black?

Actually, clouds are sometimes black. Storm clouds are.

Are cirrus clouds fluffy?

No. Cumulus clouds are puffy. cirrus clouds are the clouds that are white and wispy that are usually the highest in the sky.

Are cumulonimbus and cumulus the same clouds?

No. Cumulus clouds are puffy white clouds that usually meand good weather. Cumulonimbus clouds are the clouds of thunderstorms.

Will clouds be white without h20.?

Clouds will not exist without H2O

Why are clouds always white?

Clouds are not always white, when rain precipitates into the air it forms clouds and makes a blockage in the sky. When enough precipitation builds up the clouds turn a dark shade of gray!