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There were 13 colonies during the Revolutionary War. After the Revolutionary War, they became the original 13 United States of America.


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There were no states during the Revolutionary War, there were only colonies.

The capital of the American colonies during the Revolutionary War was Philadelphia. Philadelphia was chosen because of its location.

The capital of the American Colonies during the American Civil War was Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

The French were the most important allies to the colonies during the revolutionary war.

communication time between England and u s during revolutionary war

The 13 colonies had a tremendous economy but they relied on many items from the new world.

first off THERE were NO States during the revolutionary war only colonies... 13 colonies.... but The Governing body of the Colonies was called The Continental Congress

No, even after the war they were all not united. after the war there were many problems concerning money and land.

=One advantage the Colonies had were they had a good leader, George Washington.=

They traded with the colonies and fought on their side during the Revolutionary War against Britain.

The revolutionary war was in the 13 colonies of the u.s.a.

George Washington. He was also president

Revolutionary war: philadelphia civil war: Washington dc

In the American Revolutionary War the American flag had 13 stars representing the 13 colonies.

The American colonies revolted against the British crown.

for the colonies to stay in America and not be ruled by England

Great Britain did not have as many people in the colonies during the Revolutionary War, they did not have control over the people. This was because they were overseas, and had to travel by boat to send more infantry.

Unknown., but 53,000 left the colonies after the war.

The Revolutionary War was located in the 13 colonies

During the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress had no direct taxing power. Money for the war had to collected from the governments of the 13 individual colonies.

The American colonies gained their independence from Great Britain, in the Revolutionary War.

A person who wanted the colonies to remain part of the British Empire The word loyalist means that American colonist the have stayed loyal to the British. This was during the Revolutionary War.

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