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How many concentration camps did Anne Frank have been to?

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Anne frank went to two concentration camps.

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Why did Anne Frank have courage?

Anne Frank had the courage to risk going in that hide away area when at any moment she and her family could have been caught and killed right away or taken to concentration camps and then later killed. Anne Frank wanted to stay alive with her family.

Why has the diary of anne frank been so popular?

It is the authentic voice of a girl growing up in difficult circumstances, and a record of conditions in one of the concentration camps.

Did Anne Frank and Edith Frank go to the same concentration camp?

No, Margot Frank and Anne Frank were both deported to the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. After Edith Frank had been in detainment in the Gestapo headquarters on the Euterpestraat and then on 3 September 1944, the last train to be dispatched from Westbork to Auschwitz.

What were the results of the overcrowding in the secret annex?

The results were betrayal. That's how Anne had died, she and her family had been betray and sent to concentration camps.

Why was anne frank living in a loft?

Her father moved them there to protect them from the "green police" AKA: the Nazis. If they got caught by the Nazis, they would've been sent to Jewish concentration camps and would've possibly been gassed, starved to death, worked to death, ect..

How many concentration camps were established between 1933 and 1945?

There has been reports of 1200 Concentrations camps but there's known to be 1500 Concentration camps.

How many concentration camps were there during the Holocaust in Germany?

Too many to count. They were all over Europe, and may have been at least 1,000 Concentration Camps.

What is the reason that Anne Frank is famous?

As a teenager, she wrote a diary whilst hiding from the Nazis in world war two. The diary was then found at a concentration camp after the war. At this point Anne Frank had been killed by the nazis.

Was Anne Frank claustrophobic?

No Anne Frank was not claustrophobic. If she were claustrophobic she wouldn't of been able to stay in what is know as the Anne Frank house today.

Was Anne Frank separated from her family in the camp?

according to the book "The diary of Anne Frank" when their hideout was discovered by the Nazi's, they were in fact all separated and sent to different concentration camps. It has been a while since I have read this book, but I believe this to be true. Also, her father was the only one to survive and he later went back to their hiding place and discovered Anne's diary. He turned it into a book and the rest is history. It has been a classic since.

Where did Anne frank Live before she moved to Amsterdam?

Anne and the Frank family had lived in Frankfurt, Germany. Anne had been four when she moved.

About how many soldiers ran a concentration camp?

There were approximately 55,000 soldiers in all that ran the concentration camps. The number of camps varied through the time that concentration camps existed, towards the end there would have been 900 soldiers assigned to a camp.

What symbols were in the Nazi concentration camps?

The swastika would have been everywhere.

Who is Anne Frank and what did she write?

Anne Frank was a German-Jewish girl who, with her family and some family friends, hid in four upstairs rooms behind her father's business during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. After more than two years of hiding, they were betrayed and sent to concentration camps, only her father surviving. Anne kept a diary, and it became her legacy to the world. First published in 1947, it has been translated into scores of languages, and is one of the most widely read books in the world, after the Bible. It is published in the United States as "Anne Frank - The Diary of a Young Girl. The Definitive Edition".

What were other words for concentration camps?

There have been and are many euphemisms used at various times, these include; resettlement camps, re-education camps, prison camps and personal protection camps.

What was Anne Frank afraid of?

Anne Frank was afraid of being found by the Nazi's. If her and her family were found they would have been murdered.

What happens to anne frank on Easter Sunday?

Anne Frank and the other members of the annex have a scare that they have been found out by the Gestapo.

Who invented concentration camps?

The term Concentration camp was first used by the British in the Boer wars. this was very different form the concentration camps used in Nazi Germany. they were not death camps but camps in which the family of Boer rebels were imprisoned so that they could not aid the rebels. However concentration camps have been used before this (only they were not called concentration camps) they were used by the Spanish in the 1860's even American soldiers used similar camps on Cherokee and other native Americans in the 1830's so this type of military tactic has been around for a long time, but the term is British. Evidently, there are no real differences, but rather there are similarities between the English and the German concentration camps.

Why did Anne Frank have to go into hiding?


What are concentration camps like now?

The Nazi concentration camps now are either museums, or the land on which they were has been returned to normal use. Concentration camps that are still running are very similar to what the Nazis had, as some of the people who were involved found employment as technical advisers after the war.

Who saved anne franks diary?

Miep Gies managed to hide the diary from the Germans when they invaded the Secret Annex. Miep later gave the diary to Otto Frank, Anne's father, once it had been confirmed that Anne would not be returning from the concentration camp. She had been saving it to return it to Anne.

What happened to the concentration camps when World War 2 was over?

Auschwitz, the most infamous of the camps, has been maintained as a memorial.

Was Anne Frank scared?

Anne frank must have been scared! what if someone pulled you and your family out of your house! she was very brave for what she went through!

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