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The number of US construction workers registered in a union in 2010 was 801,000. However, there are more workers that do not belong to a union. Thus, this number is actually much higher if we are counting workers overall.

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Q: How many construction workers have jobs in the US?
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How many construction workers are in the US?

7.2 millions

What are the main jobs in Madagascar?

Most people are either factory workers or construction workers, as Madagascar is constantly growing. But, Madagascar's occupations are mostly the same as the jobs in the US(banking, store workers, athletes, ect..).

How many construction workers die each year US?


What led to the passage of the Chinese Exclusions Act?

Chinese workers took jobs for low pay in mining and railroad construction in the US

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A major economic problem in the US is that of unemployment which workers are effected by cyclical unemployment?

Construction workers

What made the construction of the transcontinental railroad successful?

One of the main things that made the construction the First Transcontinental Railroad successful was Chinese labor. Many Chinese immigrants came to the US looking for jobs, and they were willing to work for lower wages than American workers.

What kinds of federal jobs are available throughout US?

There are many federal jobs available throughout the U.S. They include health administration, airline executives, flight instructors, IRS workers, and transportation workers.

Worst paid jobs in us?

The worst payed job in the US is fild workers

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What is a construction workers salary?

The average yearly income for a non-union construction worker in the US is $53,000. The average annual income for a union construction worker is $46,000.

What does a boss want from us?

they want their employees to be hard workers and complete their jobs well

Which results from outsourcing jobs from the US to other countries?

Lower wages for U.S workers.

Are there too many construction companies in the US?

NO! There can NEVER be too many construction companies!

Are there many US government jobs for English majors?

There are openings at human resource departments at several US government agencies. Human resource workers needs to have high oral and verbal abilities. They maintain a relationship with people that have jobs at certain government offices, and they need to be able to recruit quality workers.

What does labor shortages is down mean?

What this question seems to mean is that there is no shortage of workers to fill jobs. As an example, if an overseas computer company places a branch in a nation such as the US, the jobs that it creates will be filled in that there is no shortage of workers with technical skills in the US.

How did the US build an army for the war?

The US built an army for the war by drafting as many men that they can. And jobs were desperate for workers so they hired the women to work in place of the men.

How many US jobs?

The US has 398,204

What jobs are in the upswing in the us?

Many blue collar jobs are in an upswing because they pay has increased. Positions in construction and other industries have increased in wages and little educational background is need for most of these positions.

Why is the clothing nessary?

Because it keeps us warm I guess. And imagine how filthy we'd get if we were nekkid! Especially for certain jobs we need clothing like construction workers, they'd get... Stuff all over their junk. I hope this helped.

Do foreigners harm employment prospects for local workers in the US?

This has been proven to be false since the settling of the Continent.All immigrant or Foreign workers have grown the economy creating many more jobs than they took.

Where did immigrants go after they made to the us?

many people went to the northern parts to look for jobs. many people had jobs at farms and ranches,others also if they got lucky they worked in construction sites. and others if they had family they went to live with them