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Unknown but certainly many millions.

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Q: How many copies are there of the Bible today?
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How many known copies of the Bible are there today and how valuable are they?

There are billions of copies of the Bible today. Their value varies quite a lot; you can get a copy of the Bible quite cheaply, if you don't want anything very fancy.

How many copies of the Bible are in existence?

All I know is that the Bible has been a top bestseller for a long time, and is available in 2426 languages according to Wycliffe Bible Translators. Or did you mean how many copies of the ORIGINAL Bible are in existence? No complete copies of the original Bible are in existence, but many thousands of manuscript fragments are in existence, enough to ensure, by comparing them to each other, that the Bible we have today is quite accurate. By contrast, many ancient works that are accepted as being totally accurate today, have only ONE copy left to us now.

How many copies of the original 1611 King James Bible exist today?

There are less than 150 copies of the "HE" version of the 1611 KJV Bible, which is the first edition of the 1611 printing. Thus the reason they are so difficult to find, and so very expensive.There are in fact only 50 copies of the first edition 1611 KJV 'HE' Bibles, whilst there are some 150 'SHE' copies in existence today.

The bible translators had their own agenda when translating the word?

Before the final version of the Bible as we know today, there were many insertions to the manuscripts of the earlier copies. Example of this is the "Peter the Rock" which did not appear in the earlier copies and it only appeared in the early 4th century.

How many copies of the bible are left in fahrenheit 451?


How many bible are sold every day?

There are about 70000 copies of the Bible sold every day.

Besides the Bible what book has sold the most copies?

There is no book that has more copies than the Bible. Estimates are that over 6 billion copies of the Bible have been printed. Depending on the research results you can find, the next best selling book printed has less than 1 billion copies.

How many copies of the Bible sold last year?

An estimated 25 million.

Which country buys the most copies of the Bible?

The U.S.A buys th most copies of the bible in the world.

How many copies of the Bible were sold worldwide in 2010?

i think there are a lot of bible sold everywhere all over the world

How many copies of the Bible are printed every year?

The answer is variable. Variables are infinite. Answer unknown.

What Spanish book sold more copies than the Bible?

Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Another Answer: Though the above book had many copies sold, particularly in Spain, no book has sold more copies than the Bible in the history of literature.