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Of the millions of questions asked, there are relatively good answers to many thousands, and marginal answers for many thousands more. The vast majority of incorrect or nonsense answers are added on purpose by those who should know better.

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Q: How many correct answers are there on WikiAnswers?
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Why are there so many answers on WikiAnswers?

The answers are provided by many hundreds of WikiAnswers users, and there are many thousands that have accurate answers. If you are in doubt about any answer, please research the material. The answers are not always 100% correct.

How correct are the answers on WikiAnswers?

All answers are 100% accurate and we at wikiAnswers check each and every answer to make sure they are correct.

What if WikiAnswers' answers are wrong?

If you know an answer is wrong then correct it, that is how WikiAnswers works.

Are all the answers on WikiAnswers complete and right or not?

There is no way to guarantee that the answers on WikiAnswers are all 100% correct.

Why does WikiAnswers allow thoughtful and correct answers to be replaced with snarky and incorrect responses?

WikiAnswers does not allow thoughtful, correct answers to be replaced with snarky, incorrect responses. It is completely against WikiAnswers' rules to do so.

Why does WikiAnswers not give the correct answer?

Anyone can put an answer to a question and there are some users who put random answers. WikiAnswers tries to correct these type of answers to the correct ones, but they can't be all caught so that is why you will find some incorrect or nonsense answers.

Is WikiAnswers correct about anything?

Wiki answers is always unreliable.

What do you do when you find an error in WikiAnswers?

If you think there is an error in answers on WikiAnswers, you can go in and correct them. You need to be careful and be sure that the existing answer is wrong and that what you are entering is correct.

To get direct answers from WikiAnswers is a username and password required?

Yes, that is correct.

Is WikiAnswers unrelieable?

No, it is not. WikiAnswers is a very good source of information. Although some answers may be incorrect, most answers are correct and very detailed.

How do you correct answers on WikiAnswers?

To make answers on WikiAnswers right, you click on 'improve answer' when you see an incorrect answer, and then you can change it. The 'improve answer button is located just beneath the answer to a question.

How do you correct the spelling of your name for WikiAnswers?

My name is spelled on the sign in for wikki answers. HOW CAN i CORRECT THE SPELLING OF MY NAME

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