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How many countries have signed the Kyoto protocol?

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How many countries have signed the accord in the Kyoto protocol?

191 countries have signed and ratified the kyoto protocol as of september 2011...

What have countries done to protect the ozone layer?

Countries have done many efforts. They have signed a MONTREAL PROTOCOL too.

What is the Kyoto Protocol?

Kyoto Protocol- is the only international agreement aimed at controlling the greenhouse emissions that are hurting our climate change.This claim is made by many groups although there is no reductions in greenhouse emissions even offered by this protocol. In fact, most countries get unlimited growth in CO2 production.ORThe Kyoto Protocol is a multi-national agreement for the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gasses.In 1997, the problem of the rising of earth's average temperature was a strong enough political topic that eighty world leaders met in Kyoto, Japan, to agree upon a means of controlling that increase. The result was the Kyoto Protocol, which had no legal authority unless ratified by individual countries according to their constitutional processes. Countries that ratify agree to reduce their emissions of five greenhouse gases and CO2. The Protocol applies mostly to developed countries, with less stringent requirements being placed on nations with developing economies.As of 2009 all countries except the United States have ratified the protocol.The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which commits its Parties by setting internationally binding emission reduction targets.

How will the Kyoto protocol help Antarctica?

It really has little short or near term affect on this portion of the planet. The Kyoto Protocol is an attempt to curb CO2 emissions through the transfer of large amounts of money. No country must lower emissions to comply with Kyoto. The few countries that are asked to curb emissions are permitted to become exempt through the transfer of money. Many countries, including the world largest producer of CO2 (China), are allowed, under Kyoto, to increase their production at will.

How many Scientists involved in the Kyoto Protocol?

98girl say 1,

Why has the Kyoto Protocol been ultimately considered a failure?

The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement proposed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in various amounts for different countries. While almost all of the protocol has been accepted by the world, Canada, and the U.S., being the world's second biggest emitter of CO2 levels, have rejected it along with some other minor countries but the protocol was aimed mainly at the U.S. Also many countries will let their targets expire next year.

What are the pros and cons of the Kyoto protocol?

the Kyoto agreement or protocol is a non-binding agreement under which countries will reduce their carbon missions by a certain percent. Although, the Protocol was signed by many nations, each individual country must ratify it within their own governments to make this agreement binding. The US was one of such countries that failed to ratify this agreement when brought to Congress.the good thing about the agreement is that it is protected countries from muting to much carbon into the air causing global warming and destroying the ozone layer and it provides expiation's for 3rd world countries and developing nations.the worst hooting about the agreement is to make energy more expensive and dictators more wealthy then the coyote protocol has seceded brilliants. all coyote would do is create restrictions our government shouldn't Reich resulting in higher taxes inflation and apolitical unrest and socialism.hope it helps it did for my debate at school! =special ED

Was the Kyoto protocol ratified in the US?

The Kyoto protocol was signed by Clinton, but neither the Clinton government or the following Bush government ever ratified it. It has also never been unsigned by the Bush governement. Congress could also move forward with ratification without presidential approval, but it could be vetoed by the Whitehouse if approved. Most analysts believe congress would be unable to pass ratification, as many Democrates also reject the treaty. Brandon Caswell

Why was the Geneva protocol signed?

The Geneva Protocol was signed on June 17, 1925, prohibiting the use of chemical and biological weapons in international armed conflicts. The main elements of the protocol are now considered by many to be part of customary international law.

How many countries originally signed the United Nations Charter?

50 countries originally signed it, and the 51st, Poland, signed later.

The original United Nations charter was signed by how many countries?

it was signed by 50 out of 51 of the original countries.

How many countries have signed the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations?

78 Countries signed but the number is still growing

How many countries signed the Declaration of Independence?

No countries signed the American Declaration of Independence, only American colonists.

Which treaty is signed by India for protection of ozone layer?

Montreal Protocol is signed by India and many others. This is a treaty to save our ozone layer.

How many countries signed the united nations convention on the rights of the child?

There are 193 countries in the world.191 of them have signed it.United states hasen't signed it.

Why didn't the US ratify the Kyoto Protocol?

US was the largest carbon dioxide emitter in 2004. This obviously shows that they did not follow the Kyoto Protocol, thus they signed it but did not ratify it. Previous presidents have claimed that following the protocols might cause a decline in the economy, while Obama thinks that there is no point in signing it as it is going to end. US also thinks it is unfair that China and India, which are large producers of carbon dioxide, are exempted from the protocol whereas US is not.A:Some countries, including the United States, have refused to ratify the treaty. The US government argues that drastically reducing carbon dioxide emissions would be too costly, and hurt the national economy. A:Many have suggested that the US didn't participate in the Kyoto Treaty because the price and time of making everything "green" would be excessive. Also, that a lot of corporations and big companies wouldn't follow the requirements without government intervention. A:Some reasons for the non-ratification: (1) many in the US native believes that it would damage economy to implement this protocol.(2) the highest pollution growth rate has been in the US, so its responsibility is much higher in comparison to other countries.(3) the recent recession(4) competition with growing economies like China and India (according to america, Kyoto is partially responsible for trade competition(5) the costs of conforming to Kyoto, while mainly applied to cutting carbon emissions, are also an indirect way to subsidize green technology in developing countries

What are some reasons for not signing the Kyoto Protocol?

There are no good reasons for not signing the Kyoto Protocol although by now, with its operating period almost finished, it would only be a symbolic gesture.A possible reason for not signing or ratifying the Protocol is political advantage. It is always easier to appear populist by opposing a measure that people do not fully understand and which some fear will cost them money.Another reason would be the genuine belief that global warming is beyond our control. For senior politicians to hold such a belief would be a pity, given all the sound scientific advice available, yet this is certainly possible.A:The most popular reason is that many do not believe that the Kyoto Protocol will reduce CO2 at all. It only calls for requested limits by some countries. Other countries that are signers can increase their CO2 levels at will. Even the developed countries that are requested to reduce are able to increase their CO2 levels by purchasing credits from other countries.A:Although Global Warming is heavily supported, there is still debate over whether it really is a problem which can be solved by cutting down on emissions.

How many countries signed the Antarctica treaty?


How many countries have signed UNESCO's World Heritage International Agreement?

178 countries have signed the agreement. But UNESCO still wants more to contribute.

How successful was the Kyoto Protocol?

It has been successful in many ways, firstly it has made major corperations realise the signifecence of their innapropriate actions. :) For example, they have managed to reuse stuff more and all of that :)

How many of the European Union members signed the Maastricht Treaty?

12 countries signed the Maastricht Treaty.

How many countries signed The original United Nations charter?

50 nations signed the original charter.

What did other countries do to fix the ozone hole in Antarctica?

many countries try to fix the hole. Montreal protocol is a treaty for the same.

How many miles to Tokyo from Kyoto?

It's about 288 miles to Tokyo from Kyoto.

How many countries signed the Antarctic Treaty?

There were twelve original signators.

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