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There is one covalent bond between two chlorine atoms in a molecule of chlorine.

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Why is CCl4 a covalent bond?

Yes, tetrachloromethane contains 4 covalent C-Cl bonds (which are polar bonds as Cl is more electrnegative than C).

What type of bond is K and Cl?

K and Cl are not bonds, they are elements. they do form bonds though. this one would be covalent.

Does cl2 have multiple bonds?

No, just one covalent (single) bond: Cl-Cl

Example of covalent bonds?

Covalent:one single: Cl .. Cl or Cl-Clone double: O :: O or O=Oone triple: N = N

Is the bond between Si and Cl ionic or covalent?

Covalent, because covalent bonds are between non-metals.

What bonds are found in CCI4?

There are four covalent bonds in Carbon Tetrachloride. The bonds sit between C and Cl.

Why Nacl is ionic compound while chlorine gas is covalent compound?

Ionic bonds are between a metal and a nonmetal. Covalent bonds are between a non-metal and a non-metal. Na (metal) + Cl (non-metal) = ionic Cl (non-metal) + Cl (nonmetal) = covalent

Does NCl3 h ave non-polar covalent or polar covalent chemical bonds?

There is a small difference in electronegativity between N (EN 3.04) and Cl (EN 3.16) so the N-Cl bonds will be slightly polar covalent.

Does PCl5 have polar bonds?

Yes. The P-Cl bond is polar covalent.

BaBr2 has how many covalent bonds?

BaBr2 has two ionic bonds, but no covalent bonds.

How many covalent bonds will a nitrogen atom have?

Nitrogen will have 5 covalent bonds.

How many covalent bonds oxygen has?

The molecule of oxygen has two covalent bonds.

How many covalent bonds are found in methane?

Methane has four covalent bonds.

Which is more covalent H-Cl or Cl-Cl?

Cl-Cl is more covalent than H-Cl

Would Mn and Cl form a covalent compound?

No. Metals and nonmetals form ionic bonds.

Is A compound between P and Cl involves covalent bonding?

Being two non metals, phosphorous and chlorine form covalent bonds.

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