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It depends on the specific program of study and it's level. For example, in general, a doctorate would take approximately four years post bachelor's to complete. The degree can run up to 60 credits in coursework particular to a specific field of study. The actual length of time depends much on how long it takes a student to prepare and defend their dissertation which typically follows the prescribed credit coursework. The dissertation is an individual student project advancing an original view point on a topic of the students choosing. It is developed through extensive supporting research and must be approved by the designated committee.

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Q: How many credit hours are needed for a Professional degree?
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How many credit hours are needed for an associate's degree in the state of Illinois?

Typically, an associate's or 2-year degree requires 60 credit hours of study (half a bachelor's degree, typically 120 hours) but may vary a bit more or less depending on the area of study and courses required.

How many credit hours are needed to get a bachelor's degree in physcology?

First of all, you can't do anything with a degree in psychology. Second, does if matter how many hours it takes, c'mon it's psychology!!!

How many credits needed for a BA degree from a reputable college?

usually around 120 credit hours. depending on the major.

How many credit hours are needed to become an FBI agent?

Graduation with a DEGREE from an accredited 4 year college/university.

What is required credit hours for an associate's degree?

This varies between 54-68 credit hours depending on your major.

Bachelor of arts degree credit hours?


How many credit hours does it take to get an associate degree in dental hygiene?

The standard expectation is about two years to complete the roughly 55 credit hours necessary for an Associates Degree. Actual number of hours will depend on the school and the program.

Does past classes with credit hours apply towards a vocational degree?

it can

How many credit hours a week for an RN?

There isn't a standard for credit hours per week - it takes about 70 credits for an Associates Degree for an RN, and about 140 credits to graduate as a Batchelors degree for nursing.

Credit hours needed in Michigan for associates degree?

To complete the Associates degree, the number of credits will be approximately 64, depending on the specific program of study. Some programs require more (usually in the Allied Health field).Viper1

How many credit hours to graduate from college?

The number of credit hours required to graduate from college varies depending on the program and institution. In general, most undergraduate programs require around 120-130 credit hours to earn a bachelor's degree. Graduate programs usually require 30-60 credit hours to earn a master's degree.

What college degree is there if you have thiry-six college credit hours?

areospace engineer