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17 tons

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Q: How many cubic yards of dirt does a tandem axle dump truck hold?
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How many cubic yards in a tandem load?

The average tandem axle truck can carry about 12 cubic yards of soil. Generally, a tandem axle truck has three axles.

Yards of dirt in a dump truck?

Need to know the specifics of the dump truck you had in mind. Tandem axle dumps in the company I work for... if they have a 'dirt tub' body, they can carry 16 cubic yards. The ones with the 'rock tub' dump bodies can carry 15 cubic yards.

How many cubic yards can a tri-axle ready mix truck haul?

14 cubic yards

What is the average VOLUME of dump truck?

That depends on what type of dump truck, what type of commodity, how it is measured (by weight or by cubic yard), and the state laws regarding weight allowances. A Class 7 single axle dump truck can typically haul eight to ten cubic yards, or up to eight tons of payload. A tandem axle dump truck can typically haul 15 to 20 yards, and anywhere between 12 and 16 tons of payload, dependent on truck specifications and local laws.

How much does a petroleum tank truck weigh?

You need to be more specific about the configuration. Is a single axle straight truck, a tandem axle straight truck, a tandem axle straight truck with additional lift axles, a tractor trailer...?

How much concrete can a truck hold?

Depends on the type of truck (whether its a dual tandem or a tri-axle) but most US trucks average between 9 - 11 yards.

How much dirt can a dump truck hold?

The amount of dirt a dump truck can hold depends on the size of the dump truck. The average tri axle dump truck can hold 12 cubic yards of dirt, and a quad axle can hold 14.

What is a tandem truck?

A tandem truck usually refers to the amount of axles on the trailer or tractor. A single drive axle on a tractor would be referred to as a single, or the same for one axle on the trailer. I have seen it referred to the amount of tires on the end of an axle. When there are two tires on the end of the axle, that would be referred to as a dual, not a tandem.

Semi tandem truck?

The "tandem" part means it has two drive axles, although it is possible for a tandem truck to be a 6x2 vehicle, and have only one of those be a live axle.

How much does 75 cubic yard of topsoil weigh?

One cu.yd. of soil weighs approximately a ton. so you 75 will be close to 75 tons. I've had it delivered sometimes and a tandem axle dump truck usually brough 15 yards max.

How many yards will a tri-axle dump truck hold?

i believe a tri axlw will hold about 14 yards of top soil A Tri-Axle will hold up to20 - 25 yards of soil depending on weight. A Tandem will hold about 14 - 17 yards of soil. Tri-axle can hold about 30 yards of mulch. How much it will hold, depends on the size of the box. I can 'legally' load 20 yds of 'pit-run' (gravel) in a 24 foot tandem trailer (in my province).

How many cubic metres in a tri-axle dump truck?

how many cubic meters does a tri axle dump truck hold