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Some cooking equivalents and measurements from a friend in the UK.......

1 teaspoon 5 ml

60 drops 1 ts

1 tablespoon 15 ml 3 teaspoons 1 tb

16 tablespoons 1 c

1 cup 237 ml

2 cups 1 pt

1 pint 473 ml

4 cups 1 qt

1 quart 946 ml

2 pints 1 qt

4 quarts 1 ga

8 quarts 1 peck

1 gallon 3.78 litres (or 3785 ml)

1 fluid ounce 30 cc -- 2 tb

1 cup 240 ml

1 1/2 fluid ounces 1 jigger -- 3 tb

1/8 liter 6 2/3 tablespoons


1 ounce 28.4 gm

1 pound 454 g

1 pound 16 oz

1 kilogram 2.21 lb -- 35.3 oz

1 gram 0.035 oz


3 1/2 cups 1 lb Sugar -- brown

2 1/4 cups 1 lb Sugar

2 1/4 cups 1 lb Caster/superfine sugar

3 3/4 cups 1 lb icing/powdered sugar

2 cups 1 lb butter -- or any fat

4 1/2 cups 1 lb cheese -- grated

3 cups 1 lb flour

2 cups 10 oz flour

3 1/3 cups 1 lb whole wheat flour

3 1/4 cups 1 lb corn meal

3 cups 1 lb raisins

2 2/3 cups 1 lb dates -- pitted

3 1/2 cups 1 lb dates -- unpitted

4 cups 1 lb Nuts (chopped)

2 tablespoons Cocoa = 1 chocolate square

4 cups 1 lb Onions

1 cup Uncooked macaroni = 2-2/3 --c cooked

1 cup Uncooked rice = 3c cooked

1 pound Rice; 2 c raw -- 6 c cooked

1 cup Uncooked spaghetti=2c cooked


1 1/2 cups #1 can

2 cups #1 tall can 2 1/2 cups #2 can

3 1/2 cups #2-1/2 can

4 cups #3 can

13 cups #10 can

1 1/4 cups Picnic can

1 3/4 cups #300 can

2 cups #303 can

US/UK/metric conversions

1 pinch = less than 1/8 tsp.

1 dash = 3 drops to 1/2 tsp.

3 tsp = 1 TBSP = 1/2 oz.

2 TBSP = 1 oz.

1 cup = 250 mls

1 tablespoon = 20 mls

1 teaspoon = 5 mls

1 pound (US) = 454 grams = 16 oz.

1 kg = 2.2 lbs.

General Conversion Tables

standard cup | tablespoon | teaspoon

Canada 250ml 15ml 5ml

Australia 250ml 20ml 5ml

New Zealand 250ml 15ml 5ml

UK 250ml 15ml 5ml


1 ounce = 28.4 g (can usually be rounded to 25 or 30)

1 pound = 454 g= 16 oz.

1 kg = 2.2 pounds

US Liquid Measurements

1 liter = 1.057 quarts

2.1 pints

1 quart = 0.95 liter

1 gallon= 3.8 liters

1/8 cup = 2 tablespoons

1/4 cup = 4 tablespoons

1/3 " = 0.8 dl

1/2 " = 1.2 dl

2/3 " = 1.6 dl

3/4 " = 1.75 dl

7/8 " = 2.1 dl

1 cup = 2.4 dl

1 dl = 2/5 cup = 6 to 7 tablespoons


1 UK pint is about 6 dl

1 UK liquid oz is 0.96 US liquid oz.

A "stick" of butter or margarine weighs 4 oz and is 1/2 cup US.

Each 1/4 cup or half stick butter or margarine in US recipes weighs about 50 g.

There are 8 tablespoons in 1/4 pound butter

Substitutions and Equivalents:


US all-purpose flour and UK plain-flour can be substituted for one another without adjustment. US cake flour is lighter than these. It is not used much anymore, but if it does come up, you can substitute all-pupose/plain flour by removing three tablespoons per cup of flour and replacing it with corn starch or potato flour.

Self-raising flour contains 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon salt for each cup of flour.

US whole wheat flour is interchangeable with UK wholemeal flour.

Leavening Agents

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. It must be mixed with acidic ingredients to work.

Baking powder contains baking soda and a powdered acid, so it can work without other acidic ingredients.

1 pkg. of active dry yeast = 7 grams = 1/4 oz. = 1 cube compressed yeast

Canned milk

evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk both come in cans, both are thick and a weird color... but are not the same thing. Sweetened condensed milk is, as the name implies, mixed with sugar or another sweetener already. It isn't found everywhere, but this recipe makes a good, quick substitute: Mix 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons dry (powdered) milk and 1/2 cup warm water. When mixed, add 3/4 cup granulated sugar.


UK corn flour is the same as US cornstarch. Potato flour, despite its name, is a starch, and cannot be substituted for regular flour. It often can be substituted for corn starch and vice versa.

Cornmeal or polenta is not the same thing as cornstarch or corn flour! What one can buy labelled `polenta' really looks no different to cornmeal though. Polenta is commonly used to describe cornmeal porridge but may also be used to mean plain cornmeal. Beware.

If you don't have cornstarch/corn flour, you can use twice the amount of all-purpose flour. However, unless whatever you're adding it to is allowed to boil, the result will taste starchy.

Sugar and other sweeteners

UK castor/caster sugar is somewhat finer than US granulated sugar. There is a product in the US called superfine sugar, which is about the same as UK castor/caster sugar.

Usually, you can use granulated sugar in recipes calling for castor/caster sugar and vice versa. As usual, give the recipe a trial run with the substitute some time when it doesn't need to be perfect.

Corn syrup is common in the US but not always elsewhere. Sugar (golden) syrup can be substituted. Corn syrup comes in two flavours - dark and light.

Light corn syrup is just sweet, dark has a mild molasses flavour. A common US brand is Karo.

Golden syrup is a thick, golden brown byproduct of cane sugar refining. The taste is mostly sweet, although there is a slight acidic, metallic component. If desperate, a plain sugar syrup may be a possible substitute, boil 2 parts sugar, 1 part water.


Shortening is solid, white fat made from hydrogenated vegetable oil. (A popular brand name is Crisco, and many people call all shortening Crisco.) It is common in the US, tougher to find in some other parts of the globe.

Copha is a solid fat derived from coconuts, it is fairly saturated and used in recipes where it is melted, combined with other ingredients and left to set.

Lard can be successfully substituted in some recipes, for example it makes very flaky pastry.

Deep frying requires fats/oils with heat-tolerant properties. Butter and margarine, for example, are right out, as are lard and olive oil. Corn and peanut oils are both good.


If you don't have unsweetened Baking Chocolate, substitute three tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder plus one tablespoon of fat (preferably oil) for each one ounce square.

US dark chocolate is the same as UK plain chocolate, that is, the darkest and least sweet of the chocolates intended for eating (also called bittersweet).

What is called milk chocolate in the UK is called milk chocolate in the US, too, but many people simply refer to it as "chocolate". The stuff called "semi-sweet chocolate"; by some folks is the US dark or UK plain.

"Bitter chocolat" is, apparently, the UK term for high quality plain chocolate. Some manufacturers apparently distinguish between "sweet dark," "semi-sweet" and "bittersweet" (Sarotti is one), but they seem to be minor variations on a theme.

Chocolate Chips are not necessarily a substitute for bar chocolates, because the chips have something added to them to slow down melting.

Buttermilk/Cultured Milk

If a recipe calls for buttermilk or cultured milk, you can make sour milk as a substitute. For each cup you need, take one tablespoon of vinegar or lemonjuice, then add enough milk to make one cup. Don't stir. Let it stand for five minutes before using.

Food Equivalents


4 oz. plain/strong/sifted = 1 Cup all-purpose/self-raising/unbleached = 5 oz. unbleached white

6 oz. wholemeal/stoneground = 1 Cup whole wheat

4 1/2 oz. cornflour = 1 Cup cornstarch

6 oz. yellow corn meal/polenta = 1 Cup coarse corn meal/polenta

6 oz. rye flour = 1 Cup


7 oz. pearl barley =1 Cup

7 oz. rice/bulgar wheat/millet/wheat = 1 Cup

6 oz. semolina/ground rice/tapioca = 1 Cup2 oz. fresh soft breadcrumbs = 1 Cup fresh soft breadcrumbs

4 oz. dried breadcrumbs = 1 Cup

3 1/2 oz. porridge oats = 1 Cup rolled oats


8 oz. light/dark soft brown sugar = 1 Cup (firmly packed)

1/2 oz. castor/caster/granulated sugar = 1 tbsp granulated sugar

4 1/2 oz. icing sugar = 1 Cup sifted confectioners' sugar

Fats and cheeses:

1 oz. butter, margarine, cooking fat, lard, dripping = 2 Tbsp. butter, shortening, lard, drippings

8 oz. butter, margarine, cooking fat, lard, dripping = 1 Cup butter, shortening, lard, drippings

4 oz. grated cheese - cheddar type = 1 Cup

1 lb grated cheese - cheddar type = 4 - 5 cups (packed)

Vegetables and fruit:

1 small to med. onion = 1 Cup

4 oz. shelled peas = 3/4 Cup

4 oz. cooked sweet corn = 1 Cup

4 sticks celery = 1 Cup chopped7 oz. chopped tomatoes = 1 Cup

3-4 oz. button mushrooms = 1 Cup

2 oz. chopped pickled beetroot = 1/3 Cup

4 oz. black/redcurrants/bilberries = 1 Cup

5 oz. raspberries/strawberries = 1 Cup

3 1/2 oz. dried beans = 1/2 Cup

Dried fruit and nuts, etc:

5-6 oz. currants/sultanas/raisins,chopped candied peel = 1 Cup

2 oz. currants/sultanas/raisins,chopped candied peel = 1/3 Cup

8 oz. glace cherries = 1 Cup candied cherries

3 1/2 oz. sesame seeds = 3/4 Cup

5 oz. whole shelled almonds = 1 Cup

4 oz. ground almonds = 1 Cup

2 oz. chopped nuts = 1/3 - 1/2 cup

8 oz. peanut butter = 1 Cup


12 oz. clear honey/golden syrup/molasses/black treacle = 1 Cup

11 oz. maple/corn syrup = 1 Cup

5-6 oz. jam/marmalade/jelly = 1/2 Cup

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Q: How many cups of cooked rice does one kilo of uncooked rice make?
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How much uncooked macaroni makes 3 cups cooked macaroni?

Approximately 1.5 cups uncooked will make 3 cups cooked

How many cups of uncooked oatmeal make 2 cups of cooked oats?

1 cup raw will make 2 cups cooked

How many cups of cooked Israeli couscous does one cup of uncooked couscous make?

One cup of uncooked Israeli couscous will make two cups cooked. To cook it, add one cup of uncooked couscous to 2 cups of the liquid of your choice and let stand for one hour.

How many cups of cooked rice will 10 pounds make?

I went around the block on this and found many answers. Here is the final one. 1 poind of rice equals 2 1/2 cups of uncooked rice. 1 cup of rice equals 3 cups of cooked rice. If we want to find how many cups of cooked rice in 10 pounds we do some math. If 1 pound equals 2 1/2 cups of uncooked rice then 10 pounds equals 25 cups of uncooked rice. If 1 cup of rice equals 3 cups of cooked rice then 25 cups of uncooked rice equals 75 cups of cooked rice.

How many cups of pasta make a pound?

This cannot be answered properly unless you state the type of pasta and cooked or uncooked. Presuming you want a pound of pasta after cooking and have a small uncooked pasta, you will get about 1 cooked pound of pasta if you use about 3 cups of pasta.

How much dry brown rice to make 3 cups cooked?

it should be about 1 1/2 cups uncooked rice if i am correct

How many cups of cooked rice does one cup of uncooked rice make?

I think it's 3. 1c uncooked rice + 2c water = 3c cooked rice. This is the 1-2-3 rule I've heard of somewhere

How many cups of uncooked rice and water to make 3 cups cooked rice?

I steam rice using 1 cup uncooked rice to 1 cup water = 3 cups cooked rice. Exception: when cooking wild rice I use 1-1/4 cup water. Found this useful website that gives yields of uncooked to cooked of many foods:

How many cups of uncooked rice does it take to make three quarters of a cup of cooked rice?

3/8of a cup.

How many servings is in one cup of regular cooked rice?

1/2 cup of cooked rice is considered one serving. One cup of uncooked rice should make three cups of cooked rice.

How many cups of cooked couscous does one cup of uncooked couscous make?

1 cup dry = 2 1/2 cups cooked. As a side dish 1 serving = 1/2 - 3/4 cup.

How many cups of cooked pasta in a pound?

ANSWER:2 cups will equal a pound. Per the National Pasta Association:How much cooked pasta does one pound of dry pasta make?It depends on which shape you're cooking, but you'll get a pretty close idea from this chart:Type of pastaUncooked weight=Cooked amountSmall to medium pasta shapes(Elbow Macaroni, Medium Shells, Rotini, Twists, Spirals,Wagon Wheels, Bow Ties, Mostaccioli, Penne, Radiatore, Rigatoni)8 oz. uncooked=4 cups cookedLong pasta shapes(Spaghetti, Angel Hair, Linguine, Vermicelli, Fettuccine)8 oz. uncooked or1 1/2 inch diameter bunch=4 cups cookedEgg Noodles8 oz. uncooked=2 1/2 cups cooked

How do you make rice?

Rice grows as a crop, one does not make it, however, if you mean how to cook it, follow the instructions on the packet and remember, 1 cup uncooked rice = 2 cups cooked coolkiki123

How long can you freeze uncooked turkey stuffing?

Until it uncooks or recooks into the cooked cooker, but if you uncook or recook, make sure the cook is cooked, you cook. Recooking involves cooking the uncooked cook, or recooking the recooked uncooked.

How many cups make one third of a kilo?

4.409 cups in a kilo, so 1/3 is approximately 1.469 cups.

How much cooked rice will one cup of uncooked rice make?

Though it depends on the type of rice and the method of cooking, one cup of rice will generally yield about 2 cups of cooked rice (it can vary from 1.5 cups to around 2.5 cups, though). Long grain rice will yield 3/4 cup of cooked rice per 1/4 cup of raw.

How many cups does it take to make 5 pounds of rice?

Cooked: 7-8 cups Uncooked: depends how big you rice maker is, if it's big, then 5lbs would be all the up to the line that has a 5 on it... hope that helps(:

How do you store meat product in refrigerator?

Store cooked meat at top of fridge and uncooked at bottom. and make sure opened cooked/uncooked meat is covered with food bag or Aluminium Foil.

How many cups of uncooked rice does it take to make 1 and one half cups of cooked rice?

standard cooking for rice is two to one. It would take three quaters of a cup of rice and a cup and a half of water will give you about a cup and a half of rice.

How much squash to make 4 cups cooked?

It takes 245 bottles of squash to make 4 cups cooked. I tested it out to make sure my hypothesis was correct, and it was.

How many dried noodles to make 2 cups cooked noodles?

Depends how thick the noodles are, but roughly 1 cup raw will make 2 cups cooked.

How many cups of dry macaroni will make 10 cups cooked macaroni?

To answer your question, about 2-3 cups of macaroni will make 10 cups of cooked macaroni. That is only because macaroni swells up when you cook it.................

How much does one cup of uncooked rice make of cooked rice?

rice doubles, so 1cup raw= 2cups cooked.

How many cups of cooked rice make 3.5 oz?

3.5 oz. of cooked rice equals 2 cups.

Why does uncooked chicken result in food poisoning?

Uncooked chicken can carry several pathogens which would be eliminated if the chicken is properly cooked. So if you eat uncooked chicken, you could be eating microbes that can make you sick.