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Q: How many cups of semi sweet chocolate chips equals 3 squares of semisweet baking chocolate?
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How many semi sweet chocolate chips equals 3 squares of semisweet baking chocolate?

86 semi-sweet chocolate chips equals 3 squares of semi-sweet baking chocolate.

How many semisweet chocolate chips equal 4 squares of semisweet bakers chocolate?

1/3 cup of choc chips equals 2 squares of baking chocolate. So just double it.

4 squares of semisweet chocolate equals how much semisweet chocolate chips?

1 1/3 cups semi-sweet cho chips

How many chocolate chips equals 12 squares of baking chocolate?

one bag is 12 onces

How many ounces is one square of baking chocolate?

One square of baking chocolate usually equals one ounce. Check the packaging to be sure, especially if the chocolate is not made in the USA. A recipe that asks for two squares of bakers chocolate generally means two ounces of chocolate. Remember that baking chocolate is most often unsweetened, so you should not substitute milk chocolate or semisweet because these chocolates already have sugar added.

18 ounces of chocolate chips equals 12 squares of chocolate how many chocolate chips equals three squares of chocolate?

4.5 oz

3 squares of bakers chocolate equals how many chocolate chips?

6 ounces of chocolate chips = 1/3 cup = 1 baking chocolate square 18 ounces of chocolate chips = 1 cup = 3 baking chocolate square

How much semisweet chocolate chips equals one square of bakers chocolate?

0ne third cup

How many chocolate chips equals 16 squares of chocolate?

em well 120

1 square bakers semi sweet chocolate substitute?

I just found something that says 3 squares equals 86 chocolate chips.... so that would be about 29 chocolate chips for 1 square!!! Happy Baking!

How many ounces are in 12 squares of bakers chocolate?

Each square of chocolate equals one ounce.

8 squares equals how many chocolate chips?

1 square = 1 oz chips, so 8 squares would = 8 oz chips. 6 oz of chips = 1 cup, so 8 chocolate squares would = a little over 1 cup of chocolate chips.

How many semi sweet chocolate chips equals one square of semisweet baking chocolate?

1 square =1 ounce = 1/3 cup chocolate chips 2 squares = 2 ounces = 2/3 cup 3 squares = 3 ounces = 1 cup Caution with the above answer: I am holding a package of Hershey's Semi-Sweet Chocolate chips. On the package it says 2 cups and net weight is 12 oz. So obviously a cup is not 3 oz, but 6 oz. If you use 3 oz for a cup you will be short changed. 2 oz = 1/3 cup 4 oz = 2/3 cup 6 oz = 1 cup

Can you substitute baking squares for baking cocoa?

yes,,,1 oz square baking choc. plus 3 1/2 tsp sugar and 2 tsp shortening equals 1 tblsp cocoa.

Does one cup of chocolate chips equal to 6 squares of chocolate?

1 Square= 1 oz= 1/3 of a cup of chocolate chips times six equals 2 cups.

How many bags of chocolate chips equals 12 squares?

There is no listing of recognised "bag" size. - Quote your bag size in ounces or gm and I can answer.

How many squares chocolate equals 2 cups chocolate chips?

just chop/grind squares into small bits... then measure... or use a displacement method... 2 cups chips with air pockets/spaces between probably about 1 1/2 cups solid chocolate when melted. take a full glass of water, pour out 1 1/2 cups, then add chocolate squares till water fills glass to top...

64 equals S on the CB?

that equals either 64 squares on a chess board or 64 squares on a check board

64 equals S in a C?

64 Squares in (on) a Chessboard64 Squares in (on) a Checkersboard

How many squares of bakers chocolate equals 100grams?

These will vary brand to brand. Just look at the packaging, see the total weight. Count the amount of squares per bar. Weight divided by number of squares will tell you the weight per square. Then divide 100 by the weight per square to tell you how many squares you need

What squared equals 2?

2 squares

How much is 5 tbs of cocoa powder compared to chocolate squres?

3 level tablespoons of cocoa powder plus 1 tablespoon of butter or shortening equals 1 square cube of unsweetened baking chocolate.

What times what equals 105 and are perfect squares?

No factors of 105 are perfect squares, except ' 1 '.

How many cups of chocolate squares equals 6 oz?

It depends what you mean by ounces. There are fluid ounces which measure volume. One cup is 8 fluid ounces. Ounces is also a measurement of mass. If you are talking about volume (fluid ounces), then 3/4 cup of chocolate equals 6 oz. If you are talking about the mass of the chocolate then you have to determine the density (mass per unit volume) of the chocolate and do some more math.

How much cocoa powder equals 1 square baking chocolate?

Three level Tablespoons of cocoa powder, plus one Tablespoon of butter (marked on the butter stick wrapper) is the standard substitute for a single one-ounce square of unsweetened baking chocolate according to my vintage Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook. This isn't an exact substitution, you understand, because the fat in baking chocolate is cocoa butter; but it's a perfectly acceptable (and delicious) substitute.