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Vaginal bleeding can average anywhere from a week to 6 weeks depending on whether a woman has given birth or in between monthly menstrual cycles.

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Q: How many days can vaginal bleeding occur?
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You started your period five days early could you be pregnant?

If you are having a period, you are not pregnant. However many women confuse their periods with vaginal bleeding and vaginal bleeding can be a sign of pregnancy particularly in early pregnancy.

How many days after conception should implantation bleeding start?

Implantation should occur around 10-12 days after conception.

What does vaginal bleeding feel like?

Fist off vaginal bleeding is known as the period.for many it can be painful and you may want to stay home when you get your first one. Hope this helped :)

Why would you have vaginal bleeding after 20 yrs after your hysterectomy?

There are many reasons for vaginal bleeding. They range from irritation or tear during sex, to any of a number of conditions. If you have not had harsh sex, and you are 20 years post-hysterectomy, or even if you have not had a hysterectomy but you cannot account for the bleeding, you should see a doctor.

How many weeks pregnant does implantation bleeding occur?

4 weeks

What does red vaginal discharge mean when you're not on your period?

Red vagina discharge is bleeding - you can bleed for many reasons. For example mid-cycle or ovulation spotting as a result of hormonal imbalance, implantation bleeding if you fall pregnant, certain STI's can cause vaginal bleeding, or rough sex can cause bleeding. If unsure it may be a good idea for you to see your doctor to determine what caused this bleeding.

How many days should be the vaginal bleeding if you encountered miscarriage?

One to two weeks is normal. I would refer people after 2-3 weeks, depending on the amount of blood loss and whether it was tailing off or not.

Do you experience cramping with vaginal bleeding?

Yes, many women do experience uterine cramping during menstrual bleeding. Ibuprofen (not aspirin or acetominophen) can help lessen the discomfort at this time.

How many days after you conceive would you get implantation bleeding?

I'm not sure 11 days after or something

How many days after fertilization does implantation of the blastocyst occur?

6 days

What are the side effects of gynotran vaginal cream?

Gynotran vaginal cream can have many side effects. The most common include irritation and burning. Allergic reaction can also occur.

How many days after Easter does Pentecost occur?

It is 50 days after Easter.50 days

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