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one day

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Q: How many days does it take to pass a drug test for meth amphetamines?
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If you have adderall in your system and your urine sits for 4 days before tested for drugs can it test positive for meth?

It depends on the drug screen. If the drug screen is simply checking for "amphetamines", then meth and Adderall will both show up as amphetamines. However, many tests will distinguish between meth and amphetamines, and in this case, Adderall should test as an amphetamine while meth should test as meth.

Do drug court drug tests test for meth or just amphetamines?

just amphetamines in arkansas

What is the plural of methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine (aka meth/crystal meth) is a very specific drug in the broader drug class of amphetamines. So methamphetamine can't be plural since it's referring to a specific drug, but you can say the drug belongs to a drug class called amphetamines.

Will you fail a drug test if you take tenuate dospan for weight loss?

No drug tests test for meth, not amphetamines or chemical compounds closely related to amphetamines

What does crystal meth and adderall show up on a drug test as?

Drug tests will test for meth, not simply amphetamines, so one cannot use the excuse of adderall if they fail for meth.

Does focalin show up as meth on a drug test?

Focalin will show as a schedule two drug, but it which is all in the same category as amphetamines, and meth; however, it is not methamphetamine.

What does adepex show up as on a drug test?

as amphetamines....whoever is testing you will think your on meth

Will pseudephed show up as illegal drug on a drug test?

Pseudoephedrine, a meth precursor, can show up as amphetamines.

Is Adderall a form meth?

No adderall is a prescription drug. Meth is made in a bath tub in your local trailer park. They are both highly addictive i know being a former adderall junkie. They are both amphetamines but no they are both amphetamines

Can drug tests tell the difference between Adderall and meth?

Yes. Some drug screens differentiate between amphetamines (which includes Adderall) and methamphetamine.

CAN 5-hour energy cause you to fail a urine test?

Yes. You will fail your urine drug test for meth amphetamines.

Will sure jell detox the body of meth?

I smoked meth 2 days before I had a drug test

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