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Have you checked Greyhound's website for schedules?

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Q: How many days will it take to travel from Columbus Ohio to Orlando Florida by Greyhound bus?
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What interstate should one travel on to get to Disney World in Orlando Florida?

To get to Disney World in Orlando Florida, one needs to travel on Interstate 4. The Disney World is located southwest of Orlando, west of Florida Turnpike.

Is there bus or air travel from Orlando Florida to Sarasota Florida?

The Florida Red Line Shuttle leaves Orlando airport 5am.

How many miles is it from Sanibel Florida to Orlando?

It is 174 miles from Sanibel, Florida to Orlando, Florida if you travel via US-17 North.

What is the travel time from Orange Park Florida to Orlando Florida?

There are about 113.456 miles between Orange Park, FL and Orlando, FL.

Which direction do I travel to get from Tampa to Orlando Florida?

By traveling northeast from Tampa on US Interstate 10, a driver can reach Orlando Florida.

How do you travel from Orlando Florida to Jacksonville Florida?

The easiest way to "travel" from the City of Orlando to the City of Jacksonville, Fla. and vice versa is by taking routes I-4, I-95 & I-295.

What is the cheapest way to travel between Orlando and Fort Lauderdale?

You could consider backpacking or a Greyhound Bus.

How many hours from ny to Orlando Florida?

How long does it take to travel from ny to florida by car.

How much does it cost for a greyhound ticket from Florida to Virginia?

it will depend on your travel's starting point of (Florida) and the stopping point of (Virginia)

How many miles is it from Birmingham Alabama to Orlando Florida?

The distance that you would need to travel to get from Orlando, Florida to Birmingham, Alabama is 524.25 miles.check_out third & fourth link on :

What is the travel time between Orlando Florida and Fort Lauderdale Florida?

3 hours and 35 minutes.

How long by train from Miami to Orlando?

It takes 6 hours and 24 minutes to travel by train from Miami to Orlando, Florida. By car it takes 3 hours and 19 minutes to travel from Miami to Orlando.

What is mileage between Orlando Florida and Biloxi Mississippi?

The distance between Orlando Florida and Biloxi Mississippi is 557.6 miles. This will take 557.6 miles to travel by car.

Is there transportation from Orlando Florida to the Daytona 500?

Greyhound or taxi. Greyhound standard fare from Orlando to Daytona is $20, travel time - 1 hour. The only problem is that you will have to use a taxi from your hotel/resort or home to Greyhound station in Orlando and from Greyhound station to Speedway in Daytona. I strongly recommend to use a taxi and make sure too book your transfer in advance. The earlier you book the lower rate you get... I would recommend Star Trans transportation company (link below). I know they provide transportation to Daytona Speedway for Daytona 500 race. Or you can also use Mears.

What is the cheapest way to travel from Orlando Florida to Little Rock Arkansas?


What is the fastest and cheapest way to travel from Jacksonville Florida to Disney world?

By Car Walt Disney is in Orlando, Florida

What is the travel distance from Orlando Florida to Ft Lauderdale Florida?

200 miles down the TURNPIKE (toll) SOUTH.

How many miles is it to travel to Orlando Florida from London?

The air distance from Orlando, Florida, to London, Canada, is 999 miles. That equals 1,607 kilometers or 868 nautical miles.

What is the halfway point between Columbus Ohio and cantonment Florida?

The halfway point between Columbus, Ohio and Cantonment, Florida is Louisville, Kentucky. The amount of miles that it will take to travel from Columbus, Ohio to Cantonment, Florida is 805.33 miles.

Where can someone find information about an Orlando Florida vacation?

There are many places where one could find more information about an Orlando, Florida vacation. The best place to learn more information about an Orlando vacation would be at a travel agency.

Distance between Orlando and Coco Beach?

The distance between Orlando, Florida and Coco Beach, Florida is 59.67 miles. The travel time would be around an hour and seven minutes.

How miles is it from Florida to Las Vegas?

This really depends on what Florida city you are leaving from. From Miami, Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada you will travel 2,181 miles or 3,509 kilometers. From Orlando, Florida you will travel 2,035 miles or 3,276 kilometers.

How long is a flight from Newark New Jersey to Orlando Florida?

It is approximately 1100 miles . Travel time is about 19 hours. its only 2 and half hours from Newark, Nj to Orlando Florida

Is there a train from Miami to Orlando?

Yes, there are trains that travel from Miami to Orlando. The Amtrak train company offers services between these two Florida cities.

What is the mileage from astatula FL to Orlando FL?

Using Google Maps one is able to calculate the distance as well as the driving travel time. The distance between Astatula, Florida and Orlando, Florida is 38.2 miles. The travel time is 48 minutes.