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Q: How many days will it take to travel from Mexico to Columbia via ship?
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How many days does it take to travel to travel to California from Mexico?

it depends: car, a few days. on foot A MONTH or a week

What does 'Dias has ta Mexico' mean?

Days to Mexico. That would translate to "How many days from X to Mexico".

How many days would it take to sail from Ireland to Mexico?

How many days does it take to sail from belfast to Mexico

How many work days were there in British Columbia Canada in 2012?

There were net 249 working days in British Columbia Canada as per my count.

How many days does a cargo ship takes to travel from yokohama to mumbai?

how many days from mumbai to italy to travel

How many days did the Pilgrims travel on the MAyflower?

66 days

How many days titanic travel?

Only 4 days

What is the use of traveling to Columbia?

Columbia offers many things, like coffee plantations and bookstores and the Amazon jungle. There are many reasons to travel to Columbia such as snow-capped volcanoes and deserted beaches.

How many days does it take to travel to mars?

approximately 214 days

How many days is it to travel the Gobi Desert?

A lot of days. Lots.

How many days does it take if you travel Thailand?

it will take 2 days...

How many school days are there in Mexico?

It depends on which grade you are in. Mostly there are 10 months of school days. How many days in a week

What is the yearly rainfall in Medellin Columbia?

What would you do if you had to live in Mexico and you had to deal with a lot of rainfall? How many people do you think would hate Mexico?

How many days did it take for Marco polo to travel to china?

1460 days

How many days did the pilgrims travel from England to the new world?

66 days

How many days did the Titanic travel from France to America?

51/2 days

How many days does it take for a ship to travel from panama to the US?

about 5 days

How many days it takes for mercury to travel around the sun?

88 days

How many days can we travel to reach the moon?

more than 180 days

How many days does a Siberian crane takes to travel?

the siberian crane takes 6000,00,000,0000.00000.00000000.days yo travel india

How many days did the people on the Mayflower travel?

about 60

How many days did balto travel to get the serum?


How many hours is it from North Carolina to Mexico?

3 days

How many Canadians travel to Mexico?

Approximately 2.2 million Canadian tourists visited Mexico during 2012.

How many days does t take if sending something from Oklahoma to New Mexico?