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Q: How many default sheet tabs in Microsoft Excel 2007?
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What is a Workbook in Excel 2007?

A workbook in Excel is a collection of worksheets. You can tell if you have more than one worksheet in the workbook if you see multiple tabs at the bottom of the screen. The default setting of Excel 2007 includes three worksheets in the workbook, labeled Sheet 1, Sheet 2, and Sheet 3.

What is the file extension for an Microsoft Excel file using spread sheet?

the normal extension for Excel is xls if pre 2007 otherwise xlsx

What is the file extension for Microsoft Excel file?

Default file extension for MS Excel 2003 & earlier versions is .xlsDefault file extension for MS Excel 2007 & later versions is .xlsx

What is Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Excel?

It is a spreadsheet program. This can also be used for editing charts.

How is a sheet made active on excel 2007?

Select the sheet.

What is the spreadsheet program in Microsoft office 2007?

Microsoft Excel.

Is Microsoft office Excel 2007 a presentation program in Microsoft office 2007?

No. Excel is a spreadsheet application. Powerpoint is a presentation program that is part of Microsoft Office.

Are there any games in Microsoft Excel 2007?

No. There have been no games in Microsoft Excel since the 2000 version.

Is Microsoft Excel 2007 used xlsx?

Excel 2007 does use the .xlsx extension for its workbooks.

Where is the exhibit button in Microsoft office Excel 2007?

There is no "exhibit" button in MS Excel 2007.

How many cells in a 2007 Excel sheet?

17,179,869,184 cells in one excel

Where does AutoCorrect in Microsoft Excel 2007 store the corrections?

i m also search the auto correct option in Microsoft Excel 2007 Pleas help

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