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so far i have only played 2 desert storm games.


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No Medals of Honor were awarded for Desert Storm.

Less than 700,000 US personnel were deployed during Desert Storm.

US forces suffered less than 200 dead during Desert Storm.

Over 900,000 coalition military members were deployed to Desert Storm.

The exact number of Texans that served in Desert Storm is unknown. There was approximately 900,000 Americans that served.

Less than 200 US service people were killed during Desert Storm.

Many countries fought in Desert Storm. The most important, arguably, were the United States and Iraq.

Desert Storm was Jan-Feb 1991.

The Desert Storm had started in 1990.

Yes, desert storm had tanks in it.

There were no awards of the Medal of Honor during Grenada, Panama, Lebanon, or Desert Storm.

Desert Storm Records was created in 1998.

We fought in Desert Storm to evict the Iraqi invasion and occupation of Kuwait.

The duration of The Heroes of Desert Storm is 1.53 hours.

Operation Desert Storm is most commonly known as the Gulf War. The Desert Storm began in January of 1991 and ended at the end of February.

Desert Storm was carried out to expel the Iraqi Armies from Kuwait.

what is the price on desert storm pro set

The objective of Operation Desert Storm was to end the Iraqi Occupation of Kuwait.

The US fought Iraq in operation Desert Storm

The Heroes of Desert Storm was created on 1991-10-06.

Desert Shield (1990) was the build up of military forces. Desert Storm (1991) was the use of those forces.

desert are found by the storm is that right

George W. Bush Senior was president during Desert Storm.

purple hearts awarded in desert shield storm

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