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How many different kinds of fishes in the sea?


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There are millions of different kinds of fish.

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The plural of fish is fish, except if you are referring to different kinds of fishes. For example, "all the fish in the sea" means every fish living in the sea. "All of the fishes in the sea" means every species of fish living in the sea.

many kinds of animals eats sea weeds. for example like sea turtles and some fishes.

fishes,octopus,sea urchins,prawns,sponges,sea horse,amoeba

35462544748767382647882822882892746578428298757 fishes in the sea

About 36 different kinds of species

Actually they are uncountable

Yes. There are many different kinds of worms, and some only live in the sea.

no a manatee eats many different kinds of sea grass, not animals

Yes, sponges provide food for a number of different organisms such as nudibranchs, sea stars, fishes, and turtles.

There are presently 27,000 species of fishes which have been discovered in the world. There are plenty which can be discovered in the future. This is excluding sea creatures like sea cucumber and shell fishes like clams, oysters, crabs and crawfish.

There are different kinds of sea turtles, and they have different diets. These are the ones that I know of: *Loggerhead Turtle: crustaceans, molluscs, and fishes*Green Turtle: turtle grass, and other marine plants*Leatherback: Jellyfish

in the sea there are seaweed, coral, and hydrothermal vents.

Nobody knows the exact number of known species of deep sea fishes. There are too many species that cannot all be listed. The most deep sea fishes are yet unknown.

there are about 2000 different kinds of sea stars or starfish in the ocean left

River, Forest, Rainforest, canyon, desert, tundra, sea, ocean, grassland, polar regions, icy north. There's are many different kinds of habitats

Algae -> Shrimp -> Small fishes -> larger fishes -> Seals -> Sea lion.

different kinds of sea animals such as fish,seal,star fish,menatys....there are different kinds or animals in the ocean

the home of the fishes is in the ocean,sea,river,aquarium,etc.

There are thousands of species of fish living in the sea.

Well, sea horses cant swim their tail helps them they hold on to sea wead with their tails and they are also the slowest animal that lives in the water. Anyway they eat small fishes, they hold on to sea wead with their tails and wait until they see fishes come by if no fishes come by then they go look for fishes.

It's a common starfish. -- There is actually no such thing as a "starfish", as they are not fish. They are Sea Stars. There are many different kinds, but they are all sea stars and not starfish.

yes! puffer fishes eat sea snails in their diet.

Kayak Sport Canada sells many different products, as well as Sea Kayaks and surfskis. You can also buy different kinds of paddles and different models for each one of their products.

In the Middle of the Sea there is alway Water and Fishes!

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