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well their plenty but its around 100-250!

RIGHT ANSWER: 100-250? R u kidding? There's 100-250 species within 5 miles of my house! Tere are like more than 1000 species in the Pacific Ocean

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How many different animals are in the ocean?

There are many different types of species in the ocean. Explorers continue to discover new species.

How many different kinds of animals live in the ocean?

100,000,000+ kinds of species of animals live in Ocean.

What is and fact about the Pacific Ocean?

the pacific has more that 1,234,768 known species in the pacific ocean. There are more than 7,000 UNKNOWN SPECIES in just the pacific.

What kinds of animals live in the Pacific ocean?

All kinds of animals live in the Pacific oceanall animals

What ocean has the most animals?

The Atlanic ocean and the Pacific Ocean have the most animals

Why should populations of different species in oceans should be monitored?

populations of different species in the ocean should be monitored so that there is always source of food for the other ocean animals.

What animals do they have in Peru?

Peru animals are as diverse as the geography of Peru. Peru animals range from Pacific Ocean fish, to piranha in the Amazon River. Peru contains tens of thousands of different species of fish, birds, and other monkeys. Peru animals are generally divided into three different zones, based on their geographic origin.

What is the second biggest animal in the pacific ocean?

there r no animals in the pacific

What type of life is in the Pacific Ocean?


What are the most common animals in the Pacific Ocean?

some of the most common animals/fish found in the pacific ocean are rays, eels, sponge?, swordfish and sharks

What are different animals and plants that live in the ocean?

Literally thousands of species of each. Try to be more specific.

How is the Pacific Ocean different than other oceans?

It is pacific

What dominant animals are in the Pacific Ocean?

stingrays & sharks

What animals live in the Pacific Ocean?

Whales, dolphins, seals, walrus and sea otters all live in the Pacific Ocean.

What type of food did the animals eat in the pacific?

animals,plants that live in the ocean

What type of animals live in the North Pacific Ocean?

Being the largest ocean, hold many types of species. The are Elephant seals, all types of fish, sharkes, whales, octopuses and crocodiles.

What is the name of the Nearest ocean to Canada?

It is the Pacific Ocean!!!! It is the Pacific Ocean!!!! It is the Pacific ocean!!!! It is the Pacific Ocean!!!! It is the Pacific Ocean!!!! It is the Pacific ocean!!!!

What are some decomposers in the Pacific Ocean?

Some decomposers in the Pacific Ocean consist of animals who break down or eat decaying material.

Where do the pacific ocean and Atlantic ocean meet?

South America. that's why there is a panama canal. the Atlantic ocean and pacific ocean are at different sea levels.

Do sturgeon live in the pacific ocean?

Yes, some species are found there.

What are the main species of fish caught in the pacific ocean?

fish live there

What specific species are salmon?

Salmon is the name of several fishes of the family Salmonidae.They are found in both north atlantic and pacific oceans. the atlantic ocean species belong to the genes salmo the pacific ocean species belong to the genus oncorhynchus

Which country borders three different seas?

Australia borders the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Southern Ocean. Canada borders the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Arctic Ocean. Chile borders the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Southern Ocean.

What are some of the animals in the pacific ocean?

cats dogs kyles

What are animals found only in the Pacific Ocean?

a lot cw

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