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The Big Show has won the ECW World Champion, WWE Champion, WCW Champion, World Tag Team Champion, WWE Hardcore Champion, United States Champion, Unified WWE Tag Team Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion

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Q: How many different titles has big show won in WWE?
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How many titles did ric flair won?

ric flair won 16 wwe titles and many secondary and tag teams titles

How many titles has Jeff hardy won in WWE and WWF and TNA?

The World Tag Team Titles

How many titles has john cena held in the WWE?

3 titles were held by john cena in WWE 1) WWE Championship 2) WWE United States Championship 3) World Tag team Championship with Shawn michaels and Dave Batista

How many WWE champ Triple H has?

triple h has won a total of 20 wwe titles

Is the WWE Championship belt the most prestigious title in WWE?

The two shows, RAW and SmackDown, each have their own titles. RAW's top title is the WWE Champion, and SmackDown's top title is the World Heavyweight Champion. Since each of these are the top titles in their show, they are equally prestigious on paper. However, with RAW being the longest-lasting and most popular show, the WWE Champion is considered the most prestigious title.

How many titles has the undertaker won on wwe and wwf?


How many WWE titles has CM punk won?

im hot

How many times has the miz won the WWE tag team titles?

100 times you curiosh nub He won it twice. Once with Morrison and the other with The Big Show

How many titles did Brock Lesnar win in the WWE?

He won the wwe champion and he was king of the ring and he also won royal rumble

Wwe How many world titles does edge have?

9 World Title Reigns. 5 as World Heavyweight Champion and 4 as WWE Champion.

How many WWE titles did Shawn Michaels win?

about 45 title he won he is the best

How many times John Cena has won the world titles in WWE?

10 time

How many wwe title matches has Kane won?

about 12 because 10 tag titles then 1 world title 2 ic titles

What is the meaning of unified match in WWE?

IT means that they hold two titles which gives them more power, meaning that they can wrestle on every wwe show including: ECW, RAW and SMACKDOWN. Chris Jerricho and The Big Show hold the title at the moment.

How many belts or there in WWE?

There are numerous titles in the WWE but many of them are inactive/defunct. The list of active titles in the WWE are: a. WWE championship b. World Heavyweight Championship c. Intercontinental championship d. United States championship e. Tag Team championship and f. Divas championship

How many titles has rey mysterio held?

Ray Mysterio is a wrestler for both the WWE and the WCW. Between the two, altogether, Ray has won 21 titles.

Who has won the most titles all around in WWE history and how many?

Jake the snake 62

How many time did hulk hogan win a title with World Wrestling Entertainment?

In WWE he won 7 titles In WCW he won 6 titles

Who has most WWE titiles?

At the current moment, it is Carlito and his brother Primo. They're holding both the World Tag Team Titles, and the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Which WWE superstar has never teamed up with the miz to win the tag team titles?

1. John Morrison 2. Big Show

Who was the first champion of WWE titles?


What are WWE drafts?

when they pick a wrestler and put him in a different show ex:Big show was on raw then he was taken from that show to Smackdown.

Who has one the most WWE chamionships?

triple h. held 13 wwe titles think

How many titles did Undertaker win?

5 World Heavyweight titles 2 United States 2 WWE 3 Tag Team

How many titles has chris jerico won?

WWE Superstar, Chris Jericho, currently signed to Monday Night Raw, has won in his full Wrestling Career 39 Titles.But currently his Title Record, in the WWE only, holds 27 Titles. This is the Majority. Please note, these Titles were all won under the name Chris Jericho.