How many dogs are in the world right now?

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there are over 1,000,000,000,000 dogs in this world right now in 2008
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What is the most popular bloodline in dogs right now?

Answer . It appears (at least in Canada) the most popular breeds are the ones mixed with poodle. Poodles are extremely intelligent as are Border Collies. You can have large dogs such a Labradoodles to small dogs such as Cockapoos. Many dog breeders have found that the genetic bloodlines of som ( Full Answer )

What is the cheapest currency in the world right now?

Currently (June 2013) the bottom 3 are: . Iranian Rial (IRR): €1 = approximately 32 000 Rial . Vietnamese đồng (VND): €1 = approximately 27 000 đồng . Sao Tome and Principe dobra (STD): €1 = approximately 24 500dobra

Where in the world is Cole Sprouse right now?

Dylan and Cole are currently in Maui until August 7th, 2009. After that, they prob will come back to LA, California to film some more episodes of The Suite Life on Deck.

How many dogs get treated right?

Not enough. While there are no actual statistics that I am aware of, there are too many people in this world that abuse/neglect their animals.

My dog is having her puppies right now what should you do?

First get some towels to help keep her comfortable. and then rub her tummy gently when the puppys start to come out make sure you have a blanket to rub them in get all that stuff of them and get a nasal aspirater so you can get the stuff out of the puppies throat and nose so they can breath. when yo ( Full Answer )

How many African wild dogs there now?

\nSadly the African Wild dog is decresing. We are the cause of most of this sad event.There are not many alive any more and are decresing dayly.

How many sunspots are on the sun right now?

Noone knows for sure how many there are. Currently, it is in a solar maximum which is a stage after a solar flare which is the biggest explosion that can occur in space, During a solar maximum sunspots develop. so the numbers keep growing

How many guns are there in the world right now?

No one knows an exact number. Many nations have no registration of privately owned firearms, and governments do not like to publish defense information on how many weapons they have. In 2007, it was ESTIMATED that there are ABOUT 875 million firearms in the world, of which ABOUT 270 million are in ( Full Answer )

What is the exact population of the world right now?

There can be no "exact" population data for the world at point intime. It can be only an estimate since there are places where thepopulation count is not closely monitored. People are constantlybeing born and people are constantly dying, so the number isconstantly in flux. There are two world popula ( Full Answer )

How many people are in the world right now?

The population of the world can only be an estimate. It changesevery day, so the answer will need updating. On March 16, 2018, a WorldOMeters World Population Clock shows thatthere are 7.6 billion people living on Earth right now. The U.S.Census Bureau population clock indicates there are 7.46 bill ( Full Answer )

How many webkinz are out right now?

about 60 webkinz and 25 lil kinz a lot retired though. Like the samoyd, it was only out for what like a month?

How many people are unemployed right now?

20 000 000 Is any particular date associated with this number or is 20,000,000 simpply where the dart landed? Standing alone, the number is meaningless. A source would also be informative.

How many websites are there right now?

No one knows. Some people make websites but don't publish them. There are over 1,000,000. I know that. Who ever awnserd this made a guess, but its in accurate. the more acurate awnser I have found at DO NOTE THESE ARE OF 2010. But i ( Full Answer )

How many African wild dogs are there now?

Scientist are not sure the exact population, it isn't just hunting of wild dogs which is killing them, but habitat loss, and food shortages etc.

How many people are hungry right now?

13% of the population or 963 million. Far too many when FAO statistics show that one and a half times the food necessary to provide everyone on earth with a nutritious diet is being produced. .

How many tigers are in the world right now?

Less than 7500 poor tigers are in the world right now and they are counting down to 0. . They need YOUR help. . STOP cutting down trees in Asia. . Thank you

How many website in the world right now?

No one can say the exact number of websites as it is registered by per second. A lot of people are curious, how many website in the world ? Netcraft graphic try to answer that question, as of Jan 2008, there are 156 million websites. dhane

How many ak47s are there in the world right now?

How many? A LOT- but wedon't know exactly how many. The World Bank estimated more than 100 million Kalashnikovs exist- about 75 million of them the AK 47 variant. However, Russia, who holds the patent on the Kalashnikov, estimates that more than a million are made each year without permission of Rus ( Full Answer )

What type of dog does President Obama have right now?

The first dog arrived at the White House in April, 2009. He is aPortuguese water hound , valued at $1600 and a gift of the lateSenator Ted Kennedy. He was named Bo, by his daughters, after BoDiddley and other Obama family pets. He is black with white frontpaws and white on his chest. The second dog ( Full Answer )

How many animes are in the world now?

Sorry I cant be of any help... my only answer is LOTS, so many you cant count, Japan, China, Korea, America, Australia, etc... all have artists, all have animators, and I'm pretty sure they all have art schools. Some animes are only avalible in america, some are only avalible in Japan. So keep count ( Full Answer )

How many women abusers are there in the world right now?

There are no true statistics on how many women abusers there are in even in one country and certainly not in the world because abused men, children or the elderly seldom report that women abuse them. It was always thought for decades that females were the weaker sex and that men were the ones that i ( Full Answer )

How is Christainity influencing the world right now?

Christianity is the driving force behind a large group of humanitarian projects as well. However, because Christianity is an evangelical religion, Christian beliefs are commonly forced on individuals and the world at large. Christianity also drives much of politics in the United States, with Chri ( Full Answer )

How many people are dying right now?

unfortunatly probably a lot but idk how many are in the world ive been curiouse about it too but i think theire going to heaven

How many runescape members are there right now?

Lots, and if you're thinking of becoming a member it's amazing. It might not seem like it's much better when you get it but if you explore a bit more than usual you will know how it feels. Also you can sell more things or buy more things at GE (Grand Exchange). GE (If you didn't know) is next to the ( Full Answer )

How many marines serve right now?

If your referring to United States Marine Corps: 202,779 active (as of October 2010) 40,000 reserve (as of 2010) And Royal Marines: 7,420 active 970 reserve

How many cats are there in the world right now?

There are over 2 million cats in the world right now.Did you know that at least 2/5 of all the cats in the world are either being 1)starved,2)abused,or 3)abandoned?Make a donation to your local animal shelter to help save these cats lives today.

How many languages are used right now?

There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today. However, about 2,000 of those languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers.

How many insects are alive right now?

alot. By that i mean hundreds of thousands and even millions and billions. There are 6billion people alive and we are outnumbered about 500-1 so about 100billion and more

How many soldiers in Afghanistan right now?

There is not a specific number I can think of. But I do have to say, probably over 10 or 20 thousand armed U.S. soldiers. But hey, at least Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Are there any empires in the world right now?

Japan is considered the world's only surviving empire simply because its head of state is still an emperor. However, the Emperor of Japan is merely a constitutional monarch, as most monarchs are today. Many countries still hold territories overseas, some a considerably large amount. Some of the la ( Full Answer )

How many vitamins right now they discover?

There are nine water-soluble vitamins. Most members of the water-soluble vitamin class belong to the B family of vitamins. These eight nutrients -- thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folate and cobalamin -- support your metabolism. They help your cells carry out chemi ( Full Answer )

How many dolphins are living right now?

Luckily, dolphins is not an endangered species. The population numbers increases yearly at steady pace. Its because the amount of dolphins are born are greater that the amount of dolphins that die out. Today the amount of dolphins are more than enough. Currently, there are about 60,000-80,000 dolphi ( Full Answer )

What is one of the greatest dogs right now?

One of the greatest dogs right now is the Labradoodle they areloving energetic and fun. You always see them on commercials andthey are great! They love kids and are SO smart, they also lovewater. They are great family dogs I even have one and I love him!!!