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the same way you always make pancakes but with a whole more batter and a way bigger pan

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It depends on the size of the pancake!

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50,000 LOL

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Q: How many eggs does it take to make the worlds biggest pancake?
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How are eggs used to make panckes?

Eggs tie everything together in a pancake batter. As they would in regular cake batter etc.

What can you make for dinner only with eggs and pancake mix?

You can make omelets, breakfast casseroles, frittatas, souffles, quiches, french toast, and eggs benedict. Eggs can be prepared by frying, boiling, baking and poaching.

How big is the biggest pancake in the world?

The diameter of the largest pancake is 15 meters (roughly 49 feet).

How do you get the blueberry combo achievement in more breakfast?

Make a blueberry pancake with blueberry syrup and blueberryies on top

What are Cadburys business objectives?

To be the worlds, biggest and best confectionery company and make people fat

What can be done with left over pancake paste?

make an extra pancake

Unlike honey bun name good breakfast that wood make a good name for a pet?

Cereal, Eggs, Bacon, Toast, Pancake, Donut, Bagel

Can you give the recipe for Nepali red millet pancake?

get flour and eggs and make the mixture than add red chilli sauce and start fliping your pancakes

How do you make a pancake called Stanley?

First, make a pancake. Then you name it Stanley. Or you can ask it its name, but I doubt it will tell you.

Who invented the first pancake?

A dutch guy invented the first pancake. He was trying to make pizza but it turned out to be something different. a PANCAKE!

How do you make the world's biggest Tepee?

Locate twenty five of the worlds biggest lodgepoles. Make a tripod on the ground and get several of the worlds biggest guys to help you stand it up. Arrange the rest of the poles around the tied center and throw a rope over. Find the worlds biggest hide/animal skin (or plastic tarp) and attach it to the rope, pull from the other end until the edge reaches the bottom of the tied area way way above you. Secure the rope. Do this again and again until the tepee is covered. Put stakes into the bottom edges to tighten the "walls". Don't forget to cut a door so you can enter the worlds biggest tepee.

Do you need the yolk for a pancake?

Yes you do need yolk to make a pancake otherwise it wont be as good