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sulfur dioxide is made up of sulfur,carbon, and oxygen

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What are the names of the elements in sulfur dioxide?

There are two elements in sulfur dioxide (SO2): one sulfur and two oxygen.

How many dots and dashes are there in sulfur dioxide?

None, sulfur dioxide is a chemical compound not a combination of drawing elements.

What elements is sulfur dioxide made up of?

Sulfur Dioxide is made up of the elements Sulfur and Oxygen. The chemical formula is: SO2.

What elements are in Venus's atmosphere?

Iron, Nickel, Nitrogen, Sulfur, Sulfur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide. Source = School!

How many kinds of atoms are in sulfur dioxide?

There are two kinds of atoms in sulfur dioxide, sulfur and oxygen.

How many elements are in sulfur dioxide?

SO2 has 2 elements - sulfur and oxygen. It contains one atom of sulfur and two of oxygen.

What are the elements in sulfur dioxide?

1 Sulfur atom and 2 oxygen atoms. Its molecular formula is SO2

How many atoms of oxygen appear in sulfur dioxide?

A molecule of sulfur dioxide has two oxygen atoms in it.

Is carbon dioxide part of sulfur tellurium selenium or polonium?

Any relation between carbon dioxide and these chemical elements.

How many molecules does four moles of sulfur dioxide SO2 consist of?

Four moles of sulfur dioxide would consist of how many molecules?

Is sulphur dioxide the same as sulphur?

No, sulfur is an element and sulfur dioxide is a gaseous compound. Sulfur dioxide is the combustion product of sulfur in an oxygen atmosphere (S+O2 --> SO2) Where sulfur is an element, sulfur dioxide is a compound and where sulfur is an insoluble yellow solid, sulfur dioxide is a colorless soluble gas.

Is sulfur dioxide amphoteric?

No. Sulfur dioxide is acidic.

How many molecules will there be in two moles of sulfur dioxide?

2 moles sulfur dioxide (6.022 X 1023/1 mole SO2) = 1 X 1024 molecules of sulfur dioxide ===========================

What is the difference between sulfur and sulfur dioxide?

Sulfur is an element, and sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a compound containing sulfur and oxygen.

Is sulfur dioxide part of carbon dioxide?

No. Sulfur dioxide is sulfur and oxygen. Carbon dioxide is carbon and oxygen. They are two different substances.

How do you make sulfur dioxide?

The combustion of hydrogen sulfide or sulfur produces sulfur dioxide

Sulfur dioxide forms from the burning of what?

Burning sulfur in oxygen produces sulfur dioxide.

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