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How many email accounts are there in the world?

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An estimate by a research organization suggests a number in the region of 1.3 billion users, meaning accounts. Data is valid in 2010 but it will be no surprise to see the number rise in the future.

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In World of Warcraft can you have multiple accounts on the same email address?

Yes, you can have multiple accounts with the same email address.

If I have to many Instagram accounts and I don't remember the password or email how can I delete them?

There will not be a way to delete the accounts unless you have the email addresses for them.

How many email accounts can an iPhone hold?

I entered 20 accounts then stopped.

How many accounts can you have with Facebook?

You can have as many accounts as you like with Facebook as long as you don't use the same email twice (new email new, Facebook account)

How many accounts are you allowed on howrse?

You have to have a different email for each account, so you can have as many accounts as you have emails

How many Facebooks can you create?

One per email account~ It entirely depends on how many email accounts you have.

How many email accounts can iPhone 4S 16GB have?

You can have unlimited emails but the more email accounts you have on the phone the slower it will be to check all the mail boxes

How many accounts can you make on stardoll?

You can make one stardoll account per email address. --------------------------------------------------------------- WRONG! You can make as many accounts as you want. You can use the same email for as many accounts as you want.bUT FAKES R JUST DUMB AND NO POINT. STARDOLL is cool

How many email accounts can an iPhone 4S have?

As many as the OS and memory can handle.

Can one computer line have two email accounts?

yes they can .i a coumpter and i have 3 email accounts

What are some popular mass email programs?

There are many popular mass email programs. These programs include services such as Hotmail, Gmail, Live accounts, and AOL and Yahoo accounts. These are popular mass email services.

How many weevils can you make on on email for binweevils?

you can have 5 to 7 accounts on there with one email my weevils called suremen

What is clubpenguin's email account?

They have lots of email accounts.

What is a World of Warcraft username?

World of Warcraft usernames are the email addresses that you used when you signed up. WoW accounts no longer use just single user names as all WoW accounts must be battlenet accounts.

Can you have two email accounts on the internet?

You can have as many as you like! Different addresses of course

What are the best free email accounts?

The best free email accounts are Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Bing Mail, and 10 minute mail. These email accounts are completely free have a lot of data storage.

How many email accounts does a internet provider typically give its customers for free?

It varies based on your ISP. For example, Verizon offers a total of nine free email accounts. Comcast only offers seven free email accounts. For Time Warner the number varies based on which service plan you have.

How many email accounts can be set up on a blackberry?

Depending on your business and personal email requirements, you may choose from two options for setting up your email on your Blackberry: Personal or Corporate. Blackberry allows up to 10 different email accounts per device. When it comes to setting up your email accounts for your phone, you can set them up by doing it on the phone itself for using a computer.

How do you have 2 Xbox live accounts on with the same email?

so u can have 2 xbox live accounts on the same email

How many yahoo email accounts exist?

A lot of them there are no specific number of how many there are but there are a whole lot of them to be exact!!

How do you get rid of email on iPod touch?

How do I get rid of my email accounts on my ipod

Forgotten your email account?

In the Email browser, on the Toolbar, go to Tools then click Accounts. The list of accounts will show user names.

How can you use the same email to register multiple Spotify accounts?

You cannot use the same email to register multiple Spotify accounts.

How many Twitter accounts per day can you set up?

You can set up as many accounts as you wish. Each one must be registered with a different email address though.

How many bank accounts are there in the world?

Only %20 of the world have bank accounts so approximately 8,550,633,750 people.

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