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There were 20,340,000,000 web pages indexed of November 2009, and 70,392,567 websites were indexed by Yahoo! as of August 2005. These are the most recent figures:the longer or later on in the year it goes there will be more websites so you could check it one day and then the next day check and 1000 more sites could be up

Google announced on 7/25/2008 that it had indexed over 1 trillion unique URL's. &

Bing lunched on 2008-2009 that it add over 1 trillion web sites .

Every day, more sites get created. That means this answer will change fairly rapidly over short periods of time.

In other words, this is a LOT of websites.

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there are more than 1000000000000000 email websites in the world wide web

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Q: How many email sites are there in the world wide web?
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How does email differ from world wide web?

Email and World Wide Web (web sites and web pages) use different protocols (SMTP for email, HTTP for the web) and different formats (plain text + attachments for email, HTML for the web).The commonality is that they both use the Internet. The Internet is a network of computers, World Wide Web is just one of the services running on those computers. Email is another one.

How many people use email world wide?

1.2 billion in 2007

What Came first email or world wide web?


How does Virus reach your computer?

A PC virus reaches your computer/PC from the world wide web. A virus can be accumulated from various sites such as : xxx sites(Pornography), proxy, and even email.

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What did the world wide web allow users to do?

The world wide web allows people to access diffrent sites.

Is the world wide web safe?

The World Wide Web is also known as the Internet where you can chat, email, research, learn, play games, and more. Some sites have viruses that may harm your computer. The good ways to prevent this is to have a good security system for your computer, do not accept "gifts", log out of ad clogged and un useful sites, and never give out personal information. Otherwise, the World Wide Web is a good tool to use!

What does www stand for in an email address?

They stand for world-wide web.

How many world wide revolutions?

How many world wide revolutions?

What are two widely accessed internet services?

world wide web and email

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Does the internet act as a server for servers such as world wide web and email?

Internet is World Wide Network of Servers offering various Services such as websites & mailing. Websites & Email services are maintained by Owners & other Host Providers and made available for access to users having access to the Internet.Internet can be said as Gateway to World Wide Web & Email Services.

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