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I would want to sat 3, because you have th left motor mount, the right motor mount and then the rear motor mount which is located pretty much in the back of motor at the bottom of the car in the center

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Q: How many engine mounts does a 1985 Stanza station wagon have and where are they located?
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Where are the engine mounts located on a 1995 dodge neon sohc?

The 1995 Dodge Neon engine mounts are located on each corner of the engine. There will be to engine mounts in the front and two engine mounts in the rear.

Where are the motor mounts of the 1999 Mitsubishi galent located?

The 1999 Mitsubishi has four motor mounts. There is a motor mount on each corner of the engine. The motor mounts can be seen from the bottom of the engine.

How many engine mounts are located on a 1992 Toyota Camry?


Where are the motor mounts located on a 1990 Chevy lumina 3.1 liter?

There are four motor mounts located on a 1990 Chevy Lumina. Two on either side of the engine. One the rear and one in front of the engine.

How do you route the serpentine belt located on 1999 Buick LeSabre?

One of the engine mounts has to be removed to get the belt off. One of the engine mounts has to be removed to get the belt off.

How many motor mounts does an 1987 Nissan Stanza have?

it is 3, one by the fire wall is hard to change you need to pick up the engine and trans. to change it.

Where are the engine mounts located at on a 1993 Chrysler LeBaron gtc?

Right, left, and front.

Where are the rear engine mounting to frame bolts located in a 1993 Chevy Suburban?

There are no rear mounts. 2 front mounts and 1 under tranny.

How many engine mounts does a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville have?

it has 4 mounts , 2 engine mounts, and 2 transmission mount

How many engine mounts are there on a 1991 corolla?

how many engine mounts are there on a 1991 corolla.

How do you adjust the engine mounts on your 1970 Chevy nova without replacing them?

Chevrolet engine mounts are two-piece designs, whereby one piece attaches to the engine and the other to the frame. Motor mounts are fairly durable, but old mounts can break when subject to heavy acceleration. Fortunately, the engine does not have to be removed to remove the mounts.

How do you remove engine mounts on 1995 Hyundai sonata?

how do you remouve engine mounts on 1995 Hyundai sonata

How many motor mounts in 85 Monte Carlo?

The 1985 Monte Carlo has four motor mounts. There are two motor mounts on top, a mount on the lower engine by the crank pullet and a transmission mount located on the lower left.

Where is the starter located on a 97 Pontiac Firebird?

passengers side of the engine towards the the bottom it mounts to the transmission bellhousing

What causes a 1998 Taurus SE 24V OHC Automatic to rock forward every time you crank over the engine?

check the motor mounts, they are probably broken. Front mount located under the rad side mounts located at front and rear of engine on the front wheel wells. Watch how much they move when the engine is turned over. There should be little or no movement. Anything other than that requires that you change the mounts.

How many engine mounts are on a 94 Saturn sedan?

2 mounts

How many engine mounts does an 1996 acura 2.5 tl have?

2, a left and a right. No, an Acura 2.5 TL has four engine mounts. A left and a right hydraulic mount located in the engine compartment, at the middle of the engine and two more mounts under the car bolted to the front of the transmission. The last two should really be called transmission mounts but they are listed and sold as motor mounts. The two front mounts cost at least $350.00 EACH!! The other mounts cost at least $50.00 each. I have worked on a few of these cars and every one had bad front hydraulic mounts. Some had all four mounts that needed to be replaced. Honda/Acura not as good as many of the other cars including domestic.

Where are the motor mounts located on a 1997 ford escort?

The only motor mount for the engine is on the right top of the engine when being viewed from the passenger seat. The other 3 mounts are on the transmission. This is why the motor has to be supported from the top when taking the transmission off.

What holds a engine to the car?

Motor/engine mounts. Number of mounts and configuration differs from one vehicle to the next.

Are the engine mounts on a car hard to repair?

Engine mounts on a car are very difficult to repair and can cost thousands of dollars as the engine must be removed.

How many engine mounts does a 2002 cadillac deville have?

how many motor mounts

Where are the motor mounts on an Expedition 2001 XLT?

MOTOR MOUNTS Motor mounts should always be replaced in pairs or sets along with transmission mounts. Age, oil and grease cause deterioration of the rubber leading to vibration, chatter and failure. No restoration is complete without new motor mounts. Motor mounts (engine mounts) are used to connect a car engine to the car frame. They are usually made of rubber and metal. The metal portion connects to the engine on one side and to the frame on the other. The rubber is in-between to provide some flexibility (so engine shake doesn't cause the car to shake). Newer cars may use slightly different mounts; however, their purpose is the same. Provide the connection from the engine to the car frame. The number of motor mounts varies from car to car. The motor mounts are located in most cars / trucks on the frame just under the motor. Hope this helps

How do you change the front motor mounts in a 1997 Plymouth Breeze 4-cly?

You need to support the engine when removing any mounts. The mounts bolt to the engine, and bolt to the unibody of the car. You can find the locations of all of the engine mounts by hunting around the engine bay or by picking up a Chiltons and Haynes manual.

Where is the engine block drain plug for a 1998 s10 V6 Blazer?

There would be block drains located on each side of the block very close to the engine mounts.

Where is the crankshaft sensor on a 96 Dodge Durango?

Dodge did not produce the Durango until 1998. It is located on the bell housing on the right side of the engine where the transmission mounts to the engine