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it doesnt matter the North won!!

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They were fighting because they made many disagreements between the north and south.

The Confederates were fighting in the Civil war to be free from the Union and be their own country. the most important reason they were fighting in the Civil War is because the North and South had many Dissagreements over the years.

At the start of the US civil war, there were about 31 million soldiers fighting in the war. This was to a rough estimate of 22 million fighting in the North, and a rough estimate of 9 million fighting in the South.

The Civil War had a huge effect on both the North and the South. In the South, many plantations and farms were destroyed and their owners were away fighting the war. In the North, women often took up jobs that were originally performed by their husbands.

There were 9 total soldiers. 5 in the north, why they won, and 4 in the south. This was after hours of research. Actually this would probably be the ratio of North to South if you actually look it up then you will find that there were millions of soldiers fighting in the Civil War

Slavery had a major impact on the civil war due to the fact that the North and the South were fighting over slavery at first. However, as time progressed many other issues became the vital ingredient to the Civil War.

There were 20 million in the north during the civil war

The North had many advantages over the South in the Civil War. It had more factories, more railways, and a greater population of men of fighting age. In several battles, the Union suffered greater casualties but still won.

Which Civil War? There have been many, in many countries. Some are still in progress, especially in some African countries.

There was a NORTH Vietnam and a SOUTH Vietnam, and they fought each other, the normal starting date used by many historians is 1961. However, North and South Vietnam were separate nations. They were never just one Nation called VIETNAM until 1975. Consequently, this was no civil war. A civil war is ONE country fighting itself.

There was 20,000 south people fighting

There were many roles that women and African Americans had in fighting in the US Civil war war. Women were nurses, and African Americans were slaves in the south. The north had some African American regiments

The two sides that fought in the Civil War were the North (Union) and the South (Confederacy). The North was fighting to unite the country again and to end slavery. While the South was fighting to keep slavery. The South relied heavily on slavery because many people lived on huge plantations that required much labor, so slavery was a cheap way to acquire that amount of labor that was needed. The North obviously won the Civil War. They won in April 9, 1865 after Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant.

It is when one side of a war is fighting offensively with many advantages, and the other side is fighting defensively with not so many advantages. Ex) Civil War

The exact number has not been recorded.

The union had many troops no one knows the exact amount!

The North had many advantages in the Civil War. They had more soldiers and more weapons. They were equipped to win the war with ease.

Also the South had Slaves to work on those farms the North started blockading the South there was a widespread shortage of many goods such as shoes. Adventages of North during Civil war? What were the advantages of the North?

None. North Dakota was not a US state at the time of the Civil War. It was part of the Dakota Territory.

The Civil War had a very bad effect on both the North and the South. Many cities in the South had to be rebuilt from the ground up. Many people in the South moved to the North and it caused major overcrowding.

23 in the north and 11 in the south, 34 in all.

That they did not have as many solders and supplies as the North did.

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