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How many expeditions did Douglas Mawson go on?


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Douglas Mawson went on four expeditions to Antarctica.

On the first occasion, he was part of Ernest Shackleton's British Antarctic Expedition. Together with Australian geologists Professor Edgeworth David and naval surgeon Alistair Mackay, Mawson was the first to reach the magnetic South Pole on 16 January 1909.

On his second exploration, leading the first Australasian Antarctic Expedition, Mawson, on the boat Aurora departed from Hobart on 2 December 1911. He reached Commonwealth Bay on the Antarctic continent on 7 January 1912. He returned in 1914.

Mawson undertook two more explorations in Antarctica; one in 1929 and the last in 1931, leading the first and second British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expeditions (BANZARE).